FLOWN Roadmap

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      FLOWN's Roadmap

      We’re creating a platform that delivers the ultimate environment for focus and flow to our members. Everything we do is centred around that mission.

      Got ideas for us?

      We love to hear from our members and we strive to co-create FLOWN with our community. So send us your ideas and thoughts on this roadmap.


      We’ll go fast, we’ll make mistakes, we’ll have new ideas and we’ll change tack. We’re always learning, so this plan is more of a direction of travel than a binding promise. We do however promise to make decisions carefully and with you, our members, in mind.

      Community Sessions are here!

      We’re excited to unveil the future of FLOWN with our Beta launch of Community Sessions. Community sessions allow members to host their own sessions, connecting with and building their own communities on the platform. Members can use our tried-and-true Flock framework or get creative and design something completely their own, from book clubs to AI art jams.


      Putting the Community features to good use, we're working with a range of friends and partners to give FLOWN members and other relevant external communities unique experiences and a taste of focus with FLOWN.

      We're partnered with the likes of SoulCycle, Amanda Perry's FOUNDERBRAIN community, Flow State's focus-triggering playlists… and there's much more to come.

      SoulCycle even provided some inspiring and motivating instructors to help lead our focus sessions. Head over to the Calendar to find your focus with Dylan and Grace.

      New and Improved FLOWN+

      Our specialized Fleets are rolling out, and members are flocking! These curated accountability groups are expertly led and comprise of weekly reviews and mid-week check-ins designed to help members achieve either writing, business or creative goals over a 6-week sprint.

      FLOWN Free revamp

      4 September 2023

      FLOWN Free members now get a much better experience, with a view of the full Launchpad rather than a cranky landing page. FLOWN Free users can now easily see what they can and can't access via the 'free' version – and get a richer blast-off point for using FLOWN.

      FLOWN+ launched

      24 August 2023

      Coaching products launched! Now you can get group and individual coaching from FLOWN's team of qualified coaching, with a handy link from your Launchpad.

      Find out more on the FLOWN+ page.

      The Oxford sessions with FLOWN

      5 July 2023

      FLOWN teamed up with Oxford University for special sessions on Digital Wellness and long-term productivity. Curious about what went down? Micah shares all in our FLOWN Blog.

      More Drop-In features released!

      30 June 2023

      We're making Drop-Ins even more conducive to focus with a built-in timer. You can now set the amount of time you plan on working towards your intentions, as well as integrate sounds. You have the option to automatically play background sounds or set the timer chime.

      Quarterly journaling sessions

      12 June 2023

      Led by our CEO, Alicia Navarro, we're inviting members to take an hour to reflect and journal with a dedicated session. If you missed the session you can follow along solo with the Reflections session journaling template.

      Coaching sessions with FLOWN

      17 May 2023

      After lots of feedback, we’re bringing coaching to FLOWN with Co-Pilot - Now you can work 1:1 with coach trained facilitators, providing accountability and support tailored around your needs to help you achieve more.

      Extended sessions with 24/7 Drop-Ins

      24 April 2023

      You can now find a space to Focus anytime! We've expanded our Drop-Ins session to 24/7, letting members join at their convenience any time of day, everyday.

      New Badge types for Members

      15 April 2023

      Ever wanted to know how many Flocks you’ve done, or want to build a streak of sessions, you can now do this with the badge system. Members can also see where their fellow Flockers are at and even attain special badges when completing challenges.

      FLOWN’s impact is official!

      21 March 2023

      The results are in! A recent study by UEL's Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology unit, FLOWN has been validated as a significant focus enhancer. The study found that 91% of FLOWN users reported significant positive changes. Notably, 50% of the respondents were neurodivergent, mainly with ADHD

      Highlights from Neurodiversity Week 2023

      16 March 2023

      We Kicked off the celebrations with an free ADHD Workshop exploring how you can overcome overwhelm, level up your productivity – and turn your challenges into your strengths. If you missed out, catch up with the resources here.

      Saturday Focus Sessions

      10 March 2023

      The demand was loud and clear, and we listened! Saturday focus sessions are now live, catering to both UK and US timezones. Aside from expanding our Flock schedule, we’re also working on brining Drop-in’s 24/7, allowing members to body-double all day, everday.

      Spotlight on Members

      3 March 2023

      We're currently shining a spotlight on our community as we delve into the personal stories and journeys of our members. Meet Amanda, Jo, and Lynn to learn a bit more about what they get up to in, and out of Flocks.

      New Drop-In features

      28 February 2023

      We've elevated your Drop-In experience! Share your motivational beats with fellow flockers and encourage each other's dedication with our improved intentions setting encouragements with a 👍 or a 👏.

      Expanded schedule of Flocks

      3 February 2023

      We’ve expanded our Flock schedule to make Focus sessions more accessible to West Coast members. For our dedicated UK Flockers, we’ve extended focus sessions till the wee hours - from 9am to 1am.

      Download the FLOWN Desktop App

      10 January 2023

      Bid adieu to buried browser tabs! With our new desktop app, the FLOWN universe is merely a click away, offering seamless access to your favourite digital co-working space. Download it now in the Drop-In’s tab.

      New community features: Profile pages

      4 January 2023

      Peek into the world of those you co-work with! Profile Pages now give you a snapshot of your fellow FLOWN members. As our community grows, we want to increase the possibility of community interaction and even the possibility of hosting your very own peer-to-peer sessions.

      New Templates and resources for productivity.

      15 December 2022

      Maximize efficiency with tools from our Resource Page.

      Curated Deep Work Playlists

      7 December 2022

      We’ve been working on delivering aural delight to our Members with our very own FLOWN Radio. Discover concentration-boosting playlists, masterfully curated by FLOWN facilitators. For a glimpse into the maestros behind the music, explore our Facilitator Pages.

      East and West Coast Facilitators

      20 November 2022

      Join us in rolling out the welcome mat for our brand new US Facilitators, Kit and Mike! They’ll be joining the team in our venture to expand our timetable to help West Coasters find focus around the clock.

      New Lifetime membership

      15 November 2022

      The eternal FLOWN journey beckons! We’ve unfurled our lifetime membership option, accentuated with an exclusive Black Friday offer. Seize your perpetual place in the FLOWN’s future today!

      Explore the new Anytime page

      6 November 2022

      We’ve created a space for all our on-demand content with the Anytime page! Whether it's a guided walk for a short respite, focus-boosting Porthole stars, or a quick breathwork break it’s all now in one place.

      Drop-In Sessions launched

      28 October 2022

      Introducing Drop-ins! A virtual focus space that members can join, set intentions, and leave when they like. Here's why it’s causing a stir — It’s our maiden voyage into using an integrated video client and they’re unfacilitated yet have integrated tools to help you focus.

      ADHD Awareness month YouTube series

      20 October 2022

      Alongside a jam-packed week of events for ADHD Awareness Week, we’ve added to our YouTube channel several interviews with with industry-leading coaches, psychologists, and institutions.

      New Feature: Manage my week

      10 October 2022

      After Observing our members’ Flock booking behaviours, we’ve released the 'Manage My Week' feature. This tool is a game-changer for the Flocks calendar, allowing you to effortlessly orchestrate your weekly Flocks agenda.

      Breathwork YouTube series

      15 September 2022

      Our in-house breathwork expert Nate (envision a Wim Hof doppelganger with just a tad less fuzz), have created on-demand tools and techniques for focus, calm and rejuvenation using breathwork in our latest Youtube series.

      FLOWN’s Blog is live!

      5 September 2022

      As the digital seeds sown by our content team have now borne fruit – presenting the FLOWN blog! A space for all things FLOWN, full of tools, advice, and tales from both the team and members

      FLOWN YouTube Channel

      18 August 2022

      Our dynamic content squad has unveiled a YouTube series centred around vanquishing procrastination! Delve into our YouTube channel and arm yourself with strategies from Micah to improve your productivity and tackle procrastination.