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    Fly faster together

    Introducing Fleets

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    Got a big project you want to really smash? Need that extra structure and accountability to stay on track?

    Join a curated accountability group of 4-6 people with complementary skills and knowledge, led by a FLOWN facilitator, over a 6 week period. Get live weekly reviews of your progress and plans and check-ins throughout the week.

    Real humans giving you focused attention and genuine support as you work towards your goals.

    How it works


    Apply to join a Fleet: a curated group of 4-6 people with a trained Fleet Lead.


    Start your 6-week sprint. Meet your Fleet each week to review your progress and plans.


    Check-in throughout the week. Your Fleet Lead will keep you on track and motivated.


    Make real strides forward! Gain insights to boost your work with the Fleet's 'hive mind'.

    First column media

    What you get

    • Curated group – be part of a hand-picked Fleet for your goals

    • Kick-off session – get to know your Fleet and their goals

    • 6 weeks of Fleet Meets – 60-90min group accountability sessions

    • Access to Fleet community on Slack – encourage each other!

    • Mid-week check-ins – your Fleet Lead will push you to achieve

    • Tap into Fleets 'hive mind' – get input on your challenges

    • Expert Fleet Lead – a coach invested in your goals and success

    • Fraction of the cost – cheaper than a dedicated coach

    *Money-back guarantee (first 50 Fleet members). For our opening trial period, if you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth by the end of the Fleet, we’ll refund you 100%!

    Each Fleet Meet will be expertly led by your Fleet Lead – who you may recognize as one of FLOWN's facilitators. They're experienced coaches and facilitators, skilled in offering you more than just logistics and accountability.

    You'll learn powerful strategies and techniques to help push you through the tasks that matter most.

    • Connect to Flownies with common goals and diverse expertise

    • Get extra accountability to achieve what you’re truly capable of

    • Gain insight from others through the AI supported 'hive mind'

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    Day, time, place

    Making specific commitments to when and how you will complete a task has been shown to double your chances of success

    Group accountability

    Sharing your goals with peers through accountability appointments is proven to increase your chances of following through by 95%

    Accountability groups

    John Hopkins University found that small structured groups that met weekly boosted accountability, habit-formation, and social support

    If you’ve been struggling to make progress on a challenging project or big goal, Fleets will give you the extra focus and accountability you need.

    🚀 Unlock new levels of motivation alongside a hand-picked group of fellow Flownies

    📆 Structured weekly Fleet Meets expertly led by your Fleet Lead to spur your progress

    ✅ Stay on track through asynchronous check-ins with your Fleet Lead and peers

    💬 Access a private Fleet community to build new connections and share knowledge

    🐝 Profit from the Fleet community 'hive mind' with our AI-powered insights platform

    Fleets FAQ