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    The Creative Cajoler

    Georgie’s the very picture of artistic deep work practice.

    FLOWN Community Manager and creative powerhouse Georgie calls on expertise in design, fine art and animation alongside equal skills in social media marketing to inspire a wonderful work / life balance across all.

    Georgie in 3 words. Artistic. Empathic. Thoughtful.


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    “I firmly believe that the wellbeing benefits of creativity can and should be enjoyed by all of us, whether you consider yourself creative or not. After all, to be human is to be creative!”

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    Mind wandering

    This is my tip to turbocharge your creativity because the moments you spend staring absent-mindedly into space and daydreaming do more for you than you realise. Mind wandering is central to human creativity, promotes a positive mood and enhances ‘cognitive flexibility’, problem-solving and productivity.

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    Creative. Mindful. Playful.

    You’ll be provided a moment to reflect and to flex your creative muscles (preferably away from the screen) using simple, fun, drawing exercises.

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    Blissful beats meet cheeky jazz licks

    Georgie’s artistic nature means you’ll enjoy a mix of sensual, flowing lofi beats, fun pop instrumentals and a soupçon of brisk or mellow French jazz, depending on the mood. Allez les Flockers!

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    Get to know Georgie

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    Self-dubbed ‘smiling introvert’...

    ...Georgie is to be found either beaming out of your Flocks screen or in the wilds of the South Downs, engrossed in her sketchbook.

    Burnout caused Georgie to re-evaluate her relationship with technology: she’s now a certified digital wellbeing coach and NHS-trained mindfulness teacher.

    Her mission is to help people reclaim their brains from digital distraction and lead more fulfilled lives through creative mindfulness exercises and workshops.

    What brings you to FLOWN?

    We kind of found each other on Instagram. I noticed a FLOWN advertisement that mentioned Cal Newport and deep work. Cal is one of my intellectual heroes since I discovered him during my digital wellbeing coach training, so I jumped on a Flock and it was love at first flight! I appreciate the ethos of ditching our myriad distractions in favour of focus and flow. I sent my appreciation to FLOWN for their work; they noticed my work around creative mindfulness and… Voilà! A year on, I’ve now happily been promoted to Community Manager.

    What keeps you motivated?

    In no particular order - quiet moments, my beautiful kids, my supportive hubby and time with my sketchbook. I’ll always acknowledge the impermanence of everything and live by the adage that ‘this too shall pass’.

    What makes you happy?

    Laughter, silliness, karaoke, dancing, meditation, being warm and cozy, walking, slow living with the cycles of nature.

    Where else might we find you?

    Mind wandering and walking through the woods, on the South Downs or down by the sea in Brighton. Otherwise, I’m engrossed in my sketchbook practising botanical-inspired drawings, doodling or dreaming up creative mindfulness exercises and workshops.

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