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What is FLOWN?

Too many distractions?
Find it hard to focus or get things done?
Need to contemplate or think through something?
Ergonomic work setup
Free of distractions
Away from day-to-day
Inspiring or natural aspect
FLOWN gives you access to the ideal mental and physical spaces for you (or your team) to think and work more productively and creatively.
Achieve flow states
Access to diverse thinkers
Play, learning and exploration
Rituals to support goals

Membership includes:

FLOWN HERE is a suite of tools to help you with focus, accountability, and creativity.


Join one of our facilitated deep work sessions, and get more done - in the company of our community - than you can imagine. Learn more


Take one of hundreds of challenges during your work break, to shift your perspectives and allow fresh ideas to flood in. Learn more


Delve into our wealth of instructional and inspirational content, including the FLOWN Academy and FLOWN Almanac.
FLOWN AWAY is a curated collection of local and remote homes and hotels that you and your team can use when you need to get away to work.


  • Verified wifi and sufficient power sockets
  • Ideal workspace including monitor and lumbar-supported chair
  • Inspirational aspect and proximity to nature
  • Equipment to support team off-sites
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Reasons to use FLOWN
Do some 'deep work'
Deep work is a concept described in the book of the same title by computer science professor Cal Newport. Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding and valuable task. Not only does deep work produce great results in less time, it also provides the sense of true fulfilment that comes from achieving something meaningful.
Learn more about 'deep work'
Go on a 'Think Week'
Think Weeks were popularised by Bill Gates from Microsoft. He'd retreat to a cabin in the woods for a week every quarter to think, read, write, study and plan. He credits Think Weeks for many of Microsoft's breakthroughs, including its launch of Internet Explorer in 1995.
Retreat to a contemplative escape
Contemplative escapes are opportunities to have an inner journey while on an outer journey. Instead of joining a yoga or meditation retreat, take a contemplative escape to reflect, self-discover, and try a digital detox.
Take a workcation
Workcations are for those who want to be able to work while on vacation. Freelancers and self-employed people particularly may take them so they can be somewhere more relaxing and creative while they stay on top of their work. Post-COVID, many teams will continue to work away from their office, so why not work remotely somewhere beautiful?
Make time for creativity
Artists, writers, and musicians throughout time have retreated from their day-to-day lives to dive deeply into a creative project. With space and time away from distractions (and close to nature) creativity can flourish.
All the above, with a few more people
Team off-sites are opportunities to bring a team together to connect and collaborate in person. For teams usually co-located, it’s a chance to get away from the day-to-day for a creative boost. For teams usually remote, it’s a chance to form valuable real-world bonds.
Let FLOWN take you away
Compose your masterpieceUNIQUE PROPERTYA room with a beautiful view
Cotswolds, Gloucestershire
Take a 'Think Week'BOUTIQUE HOTELViews to inspire your efforts
Douro Valley, Portugal
Get your pitch deck doneRETREATRetreat to your woodland cabin
Lymington, New Forest
Collaborate with your teamHOMEGrand spaces for big ideas
Epping Forest, Essex
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Do you own, manage or know of a property which could be ideal for remote work, deep work, contemplation, or team collaboration? We’re looking for:
  • Based in UK, Spain or Portugal
  • Natural or inspiring aspect
  • Strong and reliable wifi
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