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Make deep work a habit. Boost your focus, creativity, and joy at work.

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    Our live deep work sessions
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As FLOWN is a work-related tool, you should be able to claim it as a tax-deductible expense or have your employer reimburse you. Contact us for team-wide plans.

What's included in your membership?

FLOWN's platform is designed to drive your deep work.
We give you focus while you work, and help you recharge your brain when you step away.

Deep working sessions

Attend any of our many daily Flocks sessions. Work in the silent presence of others, and feel connected while working alone.

Become more creative

Listen to Quests: walking challenges that help you detach from your mind and fuel your creativity and imagination.

Learn deep work

Enter the rabbit hole of deep work, and explore the science of your brain with the FLOWN Academy.

A motivating backdrop

Take inspiration from the craft of others by working alongside other deep workers in our Porthole videos.

Breathing and posture

Keep your mind and body supple during deep work breaks with our Airflow videos.

Serendipitous content

Escape the pull of social media and doom-scrolling. Our Almanac is designed to enrich your brain while helping it recharge its powers.

Hear from our deep working members

Are you a Student? You can get a 50% discount on your FLOWN membership. To confirm you're a student, write to from your .edu or equivalent email or send us picture of your student card and we'll send you your unique discount code.

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