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    Work smarter not harder

    Make deep work a habit. Boost your focus, creativity, and joy at work.

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    Become a FLOWN member forever with a single one-off payment. Learn more

    Become a FLOWN member forever with a single one-off payment. Learn more

    Become a FLOWN member forever with a single one-off payment. Learn more

    As FLOWN is a work-related tool, you should be able to claim it as a tax-deductible expense or have your employer reimburse you. Contact us for team-wide plans.

    FLOWN's platform is designed to drive your deep work.
    We give you focus while you work, and help you recharge your brain when you step away.

    Deep working sessions

    Attend any of our many daily Flocks sessions. Work in the silent presence of others, and feel connected while working alone.

    Become more creative

    Listen to Quests: walking challenges that help you detach from your mind and fuel your creativity and imagination.

    Learn deep work

    Enter the rabbit hole of deep work, and explore the science of your brain with the FLOWN Academy.

    Portholes - artist

    A motivating backdrop

    Take inspiration from the craft of others by working alongside other deep workers in our Porthole videos.

    Breathing and posture

    Keep your mind and body supple during deep work breaks with our Airflow videos.

    Serendipitous content

    Escape the pull of social media and doom-scrolling. Our Almanac is designed to enrich your brain while helping it recharge its powers.

    Headshot of Dan Murray

    "Sprint towards progress"

    I love FLOWN and encourage my team to get stuck into the platform. As a team, we use Flocks to focus together and sprint towards progress. It's a no-brainer for me as a business leader because it also improves their sense of wellbeing at work.

    Dan Murray

    Co-founder, Heights

    Headshot of Hari Berrow

    "Increases my confidence"

    FLOWN has completely changed how I work. A few hours of really meaningful deep work helps me feel like I’m really achieving something. I'm more productive now than I have been for a long time - maybe ever. I am setting and meeting achievable goals, which increases my confidence.

    Hari Berrow

    PhD Student & Scriptwriter

    Headshot of Saasha Celestial-One

    "Mental space and energy"

    Without Deep Dives, I'm not sure I would've had the mental space and energy to prepare for a new round of fundraising for my startup. The intention setting and group accountability aspects are incredibly powerful – I exit each session feeling productive and inspired.

    Saasha Celestial-One

    COO and co-founder, OLIO

    Headshot of Jonander Elosua

    "Block out distractions"

    As a developer, I really value being able to block out distractions and work in a focused way for blocks of time. But if you consider FLOWN's commitment to deep work values and the other stuff they do (I find Quests really helpful to switch off), it becomes a really useful platform.

    Jonander Elosua

    Full-stack developer

    Headshot of Ashleigh Kelly

    "Focus on big tasks"

    FLOWN is perfect to focus on big tasks. I get the headspace to get stuck in without being distracted by calls and emails. I get work done in less time than it would take me previously just by cutting out the distractions. Having that time in my diary means people leave me alone to complete tasks.

    Ashleigh Kelly

    Head of Finance

    Headshot of Rachel Carrell

    "Moments of connection"

    What I get from Flocks: concentration, productivity and… connection! FLOWN has a magic formula that helps me focus, while weaving in moments of connection – wonderful for remote workers. I came straight off the session and messaged my whole 40+ team to recommend it.

    Rachel Carrell

    Founder, Koru Kids

    Are you a Student? You can get a 50% discount on your FLOWN membership. To confirm you're a student, write to hello@flown.com from your .edu or equivalent email or send us picture of your student card and we'll send you your unique discount code.