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    FLOWN in the press

    There's a buzz around deep work and FLOWN is right in the middle of it.

    Explore why deep work is the new mindfulness – a movement with genuine holistic gains for individuals and businesses alike…

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    Read how one journalist discovered the effectiveness of body doubling – the act of working alongside other people to stay accountable and maintain motivation –through FLOWN. A great piece by Refinery29.

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    With body doubling taking over TikTok Live and Zoom, Fortune explores how the practice is catching on. Amid a rise in ADHD diagnoses and a loneliness epidemic brought on by remote working, companies like FLOWN provide an important function for many people.

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    FLOWN features in this report by CNN, which offers expert views on the benefits of body doubling. FLOWN is namechecked as one of the apps helping people who struggle to complete tasks.

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    FLOWN gets a mention as this Popsugar writer talks about their own experience of body doubling and explores the craze with a number of psychologists, too.

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    The godfather of deep work (and The New Yorker columnist) Cal Newport writes about FLOWN and what a productive working space means for knowledge workers.

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    FLOWN is highlighted by The Hustle newsletter as a leading tool for body doubling coworking sessions, helping remote workers feel less lonely and more productive.

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    Digiday Media's Worklife talks to FLOWN superfan Dan Murray-Serter and our founder and CEO Alicia Navarro about digital co-working and the accountability power of FLOWN's Flocks.

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    WTF is deep work? A beginner's guide. The deep work movement is gaining momentum – Alicia Navarro has been telling Cosmopolitan what it's all about.

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    Tax return deadline approaching, sense of dread creeping. You can relate, right? Well, Metro talked to Alicia about FLOWN's Flocks, and how they're ideal for breaking the back of those daunting tasks you just keep putting off…

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    Holidays are supposed to be relaxing and work-free. Alicia shares her tips and tricks for how to get your last minute tasks and admin taken care off before you leave to help you truly disconnect.

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    Freedom Matters podcast

    The world's biggest productivity app interviewed Alicia Navarro about the conditions that enable deep work and what it means to give your brain inspiring rest.

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    Influence & Impact for Female Leaders

    Carla Miller talks to Alicia about nurturing feminine energy in a predominantly masculine world of work and how FLOWN is reimagining how we focus our minds.

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    The tech industry giant explores how FLOWN is tapping into digital nomad and remote work trends and our pre-seed fundraise.

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    Business Leader

    Business Leader talks to Alicia about our pre-seed fundraise, the inspiration behind the company and where we're headed.

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    The Office Group

    Read about the vision behind FLOWN, and why deep work is the mindfulness of the next decade.

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    Startups Magazine

    It's very easy to get distracted when based in your living room. Learn how to build a work-from-home culture that actually works.

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    HR News

    Remote working is here to stay, and remote coworking is here to bring the benefits of working in the office to your home. Here's how...

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    The Freelance Informer

    Monotasking and deep work can help you get more done in less time. It can also help you tackle tasks you're avoiding, like your taxes.

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    Men's Health

    Leave 10-hour days and always running behind in the past. Short 45-50 min deep work sprints can help boost your productivity and give you some your time back.

    CEO Today

    Alicia talks about what companies can do to implement 'deep work' into their culture and ways of working.

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    Real Business

    What are the perks that actually improve people's work experience? More important than a free gym membership is a good working environment, flexibility, upskilling, and a good salary.

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