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    FLOWN+ Coaching

    Work with one of our hand-picked coaches
    to turbo-boost your focus

    FLOWN's team is full of qualified coaches ready to help you
    get more done and feel good doing it.

    Now you can work 1:1 with them to access science-backed expertise, accountability and support tailored around your needs to help you achieve more.

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    How it works


    Pick your coaching type: What kind of 1:1 support do you need?


    Find your fit: Try a free 'chemistry' session if you're still unsure.


    Book a session: Choose a time and date to suit your schedule.


    Begin! Start working with your coach, and watch your focus soar!

    Professional, trained, and reliable support

    Focusing is hard, especially if you have ADHD, other neurodivergencies, or ingrained disruptive habits.

    Your FLOWN+ coach will give you personalized and professional supportĀ to help you achieve your
    goals faster.

    Embrace comfort and confidence

    Our Flocks excel in boosting focus and accountability.

    FLOWN+ coaches provide a customized 1:1 experience to help you hone in on your key goals, and build lasting habits that allow you to thrive in your
    work and life.

    Specific guidance for your focus needs

    We offer specific, targeted, and effective support for whatever focus or work goal you have.

    Be it support managing your ADHD, help achieving a specific goal, or breaking habits that may be holding you back, FLOWN+ coaches can help.

    FLOWN+ coaching FAQs