The proven benefits of virtual coworking with FLOWN

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      The proven benefits of virtual coworking with FLOWN

      Independent research demonstrates the powerful effects of using FLOWN to improve focus and productivity for modern workers

      🎯 68% of hybrid workers report problems with focus and concentration

      🎯 38% of workers report experiencing burnout in the last year

      🎯 25% of remote workers struggle to unplug from work

      Pings, dings, and notifications — life for the modern worker is rife with distractions, which makes reaching a state of deep focus and productivity a common struggle for professionals of almost every discipline.

      However, recent research by the University of East London’s (UEL) School of Psychology offers hope for those in search of an impactful and effective way to banish distractions, trigger their focus, and skyrocket their productivity.

      The study, conducted in 2022, provides compelling evidence to demonstrate FLOWN’s effectiveness in not only boosting productivity, but also in improving focus, the quality of work, and overall mental wellbeing for remote workers all over the world.

      Over a hundred FLOWN members were surveyed, with 91% reporting significant positive changes. Notably, 50% of the respondents were neurodivergent, mainly with ADHD, and also benefited significantly from using FLOWN. Increased usage correlated with greater reported benefits, confirming FLOWN's potential to improve work quality, output and reduce stress.

      With FLOWN’s virtual coworking sessions transforming the work and lives of people all over the world, FLOWN members soon became curious to understand the remarkable changes they were experiencing to their ability to focus and get more done with less effort through using the FLOWN platform.

      When they asked to learn more about the science behind it all, FLOWN partnered with the University of East London’s School of Psychology, allowing them to conduct an independent study to quantify exactly how FLOWN impacts those who use it.

      Throughout the summer and autumn of 2022, UEL, under the guidance of a Senior Professor in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, launched a comprehensive survey with FLOWN members. Participants self-reported their experience with FLOWN, their perceived impact, and how usage duration and frequency influenced these outcomes.

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      The findings revealed a significant positive change for a majority of users. Approximately 95.7% of members reported improved focus, 94.6% claimed an increase in productivity, 85.8% observed a boost in the quality of their work, and 93.5% experienced an elevated state of mind. Moreover, 87% of members experienced reduced levels of stress. These improvements were gauged on a 1-10 rating scale, with the figures mentioned reflecting the percentiles.

      Notably, the study discovered a positive correlation between the duration and frequency of FLOWN usage and the benefits reported by the members. This underlines the incremental benefits FLOWN offers: the more one uses it, the greater the benefits.

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      One unexpected but illuminating aspect of the study was the prevalence of neurodivergent individuals, primarily those with ADHD, who made up approximately 50% of the surveyed members. This group too reported significant benefits from using FLOWN, hinting at its potential in supporting neurodivergent individuals who often face unique challenges in maintaining focus and productivity.

      Put simply, FLOWN’s mission to empower individuals and teams to thrive in their work is proving to be incredibly successful. And with the platform’s assortment of wind-down sessions and on-demand resources, professionals everywhere are discovering it to be a powerful tool for enabling them to get more done and feel good doing it.

      As we journey further into the age of digital distractions, tools like FLOWN, supported by solid research, are increasingly vital in allowing workers to reclaim their focus and unlock their full potential.

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