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    ADHD: Level up your focus

    ADHD can make it feel like you're living life on 'hard mode'.

    This free workshop will explore how you can find balance between creativity and focus – and turn your challenges into your strengths.

    16 March 2023: 1pm-2pm EDT / 5pm-6pm GMT

    Get 'cheat codes' for success…

    FLOWN presents a fun, hour-long workshop to help you understand your ADHD and turn challenges into opportunities for growth and achievement.

    After the session, you’ll have…

    🕹️ Tools to elevate your ability to focus

    🕹️ Techniques for celebrating your neurodiversity and empowering your strengths

    🕹️ A new supportive community to power up your confidence

    Join our free workshop and walk away with new knowledge (and a smile)!

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    Join us 16 March 2023: 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT for an hour of ADHD exploration!

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    Part 1

    Meet 'The Everything'

    Ever felt an over-abundance of thoughts and ideas, coupled with high energy and overwhelming creative urges? That's what we call 'The Everything'. It means you're in a highly creative state, but planning and prioritization is hard.

    In part one, we'll explore 'The Everything' together.

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    Part 2

    Gather your inventory

    In part 2, we'll pickup and try out some power-ups. Our ADHD coaches will try out some practices with you – things that you can call upon whenever you need to dissipate energy or slow down overthinking.

    You'll also share with and gather tools from the community: what are the tools you use to tame 'The Everything'?

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    Part 3

    Turn 'The Everything' from adversary to ally

    It's not about defeating this formidable level boss! It's about making it your friend.

    Learn to harness 'The Everything' and make a plan for putting your new skills into action – starting straightaway!

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    Kit Slocum

    Kit is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and coaches adults with ADHD – with three years of experience supporting neurodiverse people in academia. She loves to mentor on interest and value exploration, time management, motivation, and goal setting.

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    Mike Gillerman

    Mike coaches adults with ADHD to feel less stress by expertly combining his mindfulness and meditation practice with over a decade in stand-up and improv comedy. Mike connects people to better focus via habit-building, creativity and community engagement.

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    Micah Yongo

    FLOWN’s content curator, Micah is a celebrated novelist and writing coach, and our go-to guy for the latest thinking on the neuroscience of focus. He'll host the event with his trademark calm and good humour. He's great at gleaning nuggets of gold from the people he talks to.

    🎯 "So much fun!"

    Great session, very inspiring, lots of space to work through the questions and prompts. So much fun too, love the social side of this FLOWN session. More please!

    ❤️ "A lovely environment"

    A really empowering session. It absolutely helped me define my goals and how to achieve them. I’ve attended sessions like this before and was left feeling like I’d not achieved much… This wasn’t the case tonight! Also a lovely friendly, non-intimidating environment with clearly passionate facilitators – thank you.

    🌎 "Inspiring people"

    You've turned figuring out goals for the next 12 months into an enjoyable evening, guided and supported by inspiring people from wide horizons. It makes the dream look possible and you've helped us building a structure to achieve it.

    🦚 "Community, purpose and creativity"

    A wonderfully focused and inspiring workshop. The facilitators created a sense of community, purpose and creativity. Well done. Would highly recommend.

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    Let our ADHD coaches guide you through 'The Everything' workshop and help you gather the tools you need to succeed.

    🎮 A 30-day free trial for FLOWN and all our focus sessions (no credit card required)

    🧑🏾‍💻 A seven-day email coaching journey from Sara-Jane, our ADHD coach

    👾 Weekly breathwork workshops for the duration of your trial

    FLOWN is the ultimate focus toolkit that helps people get more done and feel good doing it.

    We offer online focus sessions designed around key insights from behavioural science. They trigger your mind to focus and get uber-productive, so you get more done and feel good doing it.

    ✔️ 80+ hours of weekly focus sessions of various lengths

    ✔️ 20+ expert trained facilitators

    ✔️ A supportive community of like-minded people

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    When is the event taking place?

    • That's an easy one! Block it in your calendar for 16 March 2023: 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT. We're thinking a post-work workshop for Europe, and a 'lunch-and-learn' kinda timing for the US East Coast. If you're in another timezone… well you're very welcome and we hope you can make the time work!

    What sort of workshop is it?

    • See above for what to expect. At FLOWN, we like our workshops to be less about 'teaching' and more about exploration. You'll hear about neuroscience and tips, but you'll also have the opportunity to try some live exercises with our coaches, and share and gather information from your fellow workshop attendees.

    Do I have to pay?

    • Nope! The event is open to FLOWN members, and by registering with FLOWN for the event, you'll get a 30-day free trial for all of FLOWN, including the 'Level up YOUR focus' workshop.

    Will the event be recorded?

    • We want to create a safe space for the community of attendees to contribute to this workshop. There'll be ample opportunity to contribute your own tips and hear techniques from your fellow workshoppers. So, we won't be recording the event, so people feel able to share.

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