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    The Playfully Present

    Mike brings the playful to the professional and leaves you laughing and inspired.

    Mike coaches adults with ADHD to feel less stress by expertly combining his mindfulness and meditation practice with over a decade in stand-up and improv comedy. Mike connects people to flow states in playful ways via habit-building, creativity and community engagement.

    Mike in 3 words.Curiosity. Compassion. Comedy.


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    "The hardest thing about life is realizing how easy it is. Things, as it turns out, don’t have to be hard! Make space for easy and connect to flow more often and you’ll watch solutions to your problems appear out of nowhere. Play more and stress less!"

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    Bubble break

    This tip is great for taking a break from work and as a bonus, it’s great for anxiety. Get a bubble wand and spend 10 minutes bubbling out your window. You’ll feel calmer and bring smiles to the faces of anyone who sees you!

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    Playful, connected, creative

    Mike’s recharges combine art and applied improvisation as well as his own quirky brand of humor. You’ll feel refreshed, engaged and ready to tackle your challenges in a more lighthearted way.

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    Easy, imaginative audio oil change

    A beautiful mixture of lo-fi, electronica and meditation music with some 90’s trance occasionally thrown in to stimulate those creative muscles and encourage divergent thinking.

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    Get to know Mike

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    Mindfulness and play expert...

    ...Mike uses his background in coaching adults with ADHD as well as his decades of experience in graphic design, stand-up comedy and learning and development to bring flow in the most unexpected ways.

    He’s always looking for the path of least resistance and is on a mission to bring more levity and fun to the professional world. His Deep Dives will keep you focused, laughing and ready to take on your day!

    What brings you to FLOWN?

    During the pandemic I discovered I’m super-ADHD (or as I say: ‘2E AF’, haha!). I declared defiantly that I was done masking** and would only live authentically from now on. I knew I needed to find a company that celebrated this. FLOWN has been all that and more. I have the opportunity to use my myriad talents and interests in mindfulness, play, somatics, psychology and neuroscience to benefit our community by sharing about something I love! I feel like I’ve found my work tribe. I’m so excited to help our Flockers succeed.

    *2E = ‘twice exceptional’, ie. gifted and ADHD

    **masking = a neuro-dynamic person changing their behaviour to fit in with a neuro-typical world.

    What keeps you motivated?

    Empowering others is what gets me up in the morning and I love helping people discover what they’re actually capable of. I also have an innate desire to make things easier and am motivated to find new, less ‘executive-function heavy’ ways of doing things. 

    What makes you happy?

    I’m happiest when I’m tapped into my creativity. If I’m designing a workshop, drawing, singing, doing contact improv or have a microphone anywhere near my mouth I can guarantee I’ll have a big smile on my face.

    Where else might we find you?

    I live in San Francisco which is one of the COOLEST cities in the United States! It’s the perfect mix of city and serenity. You’ll often find me on the dance floor at Ecstatic Dance, on stage at a storytelling show or in nature - often I’m hanging at the beach or laying in the grass at one of our amazing parks!

    Find out more about me at my website