How virtual community changed my life

      How virtual community changed my life

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      By Jen Cropley

      Feb 03, 2023

      We’re bringing you interviews with real-life FLOWN members who use our Flocks to get things done. Focus, ritual and virtual community – these members now couldn’t imagine their working lives without it. Be inspired by their stories and discover the magic of deep work!

      Lynne Taylor is a personal trainer and pottery artist who completed a degree in psychology while working full time – you could say her cup is full!

      But when her passion for helping people inspired her to add a coaching course to the mix, that cup began to overfloweth.

      Lynne turned to FLOWN to help her focus.

      Our Deep Dive sessions got her through the coaching course, and as an unexpected bonus — she also found them useful for casting pottery.

      Lynne now offers mindset coaching alongside the personal training and physiotherapy business she runs with her partner Tim, with commissioned ceramics on the side. Watched over by house cats Tigg and Hobbes, Lynne thrives on all aspects of her work, enjoying how each is an extension of the mindful way she lives.

      And FLOWN helps her keep it all together!

      “I love FLOWN’s Flocks and the variety of facilitators. The whole platform has developed into something I incorporate into my weekly schedule: I like the structure it gives me. I also love how they listen to what members want and constantly strive to provide the best service they can.”

      Lynne takes us through her FLOWN paces …

      Tell us about your work set-up.

      My partner and I are also business partners, and we’re self-employed. We left the fast pace of London life for the beautiful Peak District to have better balance, and it’s something we prioritise.

      Our physio clinic is at home, I sell my pottery via my website, markets, and a couple of galleries, and my coaching is mostly online, although I do love an outdoor walking/coaching session!

      How do you use FLOWN?

      I remember being drawn to FLOWN originally because working from home can be isolating and I struggle to focus.

      So initially, FLOWN helped me focus on the pre-reading for my coaching course. Once my course started I used Deep Dives for study and writing assignments. Having a ‘virtual community’ watching over me and keeping me accountable to my study was vital.

      At some point I started to use sessions to focus my time making pottery. My hand-building is a process I deliberately take slowly. But it is amazing how much more productive I can be with a time limit and an audience, and still not compromise the making process! Sometimes I challenge myself to see how much I can make in one Deep Dive.

      Working from home can be isolating and I struggle to focus... Having a ‘virtual community’ watching over me and keeping me accountable to my study was vital.

      How Flocks work

      Tell us what FLOWN does for you:

      I love the focused work time – deep work with no distractions, accountability to get things done, being more efficient with time. The morning Take-Off sessions, when I can get to them, have become a part of my morning ritual and I often join just to have a guided meditation and a journal prompt.

      The social side is great too. I love seeing familiar faces, slowly getting to know people. I was really pleased when the Facebook group popped up… and grateful it has remained. It gives us a chance to connect further, away from the Flocks time constraints.

      I think intrinsically the Flocks have given me a space to grow in confidence and be more self-assured. Meeting new people through the Flocks always feels safe and it’s a place of warmth.

      What’s your biggest FLOWN success story?

      I’ve managed to read far more than I’ve ever read - I’m dyslexic and struggle to focus on words but the sessions got me through all my course. My final assignment has now been submitted and I know the deep work helped me complete everything a few months ahead of schedule.

      With my pottery, I made, glazed, priced, and packed all my work for this past year’s Derbyshire Open Arts exhibition. The accountability of the group intentions made a big impact on being consistent and prepared for that event. I think I treated it more like a project, and achieved more in less time.

      Learn more about virtual community

      FLOWN’s ADHD hack:
      as seen on Refinery29

      Have you connected with the FLOWN community?

      I’ve already had three coaching sessions with other Flown members, and helped them with various things. I’m also undertaking some more coach training, and as one other Flownie is on the same pathway we’ve connected away from the Flocks too.

      I’ve also had a couple of pottery sales (thank you, Flownies!) and made a purchase of my own from someone I discovered in a Flock.

      And what’s next?

      Building my coaching website is my next project for Flocks!

      FLOWN helps Lynne focus because it gives structure to her busy days and accountability to get things done – the warm and welcoming community is a bonus!

      How can we help you achieve focus? Join a Flock – Take Off, Deep Dive or Power Hour – and see what it does for you!

      Check out Lynne’s work:

      Personal Training and Physiotherapy: Global Therapies

      Mindset Coaching: Lynne Taylor Coaching

      Pottery: Organic Ceramics

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