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    Manage your ADHD with a UK grant

    Get ADHD help with the Access To Work scheme – and make focus aids like FLOWN an affordable part of your toolkit.

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    FLOWN is an online platform and focus app that provides round-the-clock focus sessions to help you power through your work and stay accountable to your goals.

    Our sessions are specifically designed and proven to support individuals with ADHD.

    Many of our members have successfully paid for FLOWN through the Access To Work scheme. Try FLOWN today and you could too.

    If you live in England, Wales or Scotland and have ADHD, you can apply for a grant from the government to cover the cost of a FLOWN membership.

    "Absolutely life changing, within days!"

    By using proven tools that tap into neural triggers that have been part of human wiring for millennia, FLOWN enables you to consistently find focus even when your ADHD brain doesn't want you to do things.

    Body doubling means working alongside others to stay focused. Our body doubles create an anchor to reduce distraction and keep you accountable.

    By working together online we create a community of equals that holds each other accountable. Completing your goals becomes easier than procrastinating.

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    Time blocking breaks down big tasks into manageable chunks and schedules time blocks so you can focus on one thing at a time, reducing context switching and time blindness.

    When you book and join FLOWN's sessions you are innately blocking out your time and mono tasking, for those with ADHD this can be life-changing. 

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    FLOWN’s compassionate community provides accountability and empowerment and helps everyone feel confident and motivated to achieve their goals.

    FLOWN’s community has grown with human connection and trust at its heart from day one. You'll discover countless others from around the world who share your challenges and want to celebrate your successes.

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    Drop-In sessions

    • Available 24/7, join and leave at any time

    • Set your goal in the side panel, and take inspiration from what everyone else is working on

    • Work in the silent presence of other professionals from around the world

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    virtual library or co-working space

    Facilitated sessions

    • 1 or 2 hour sessions, led by our expert facilitators

    • Set your goal by text or in small groups for extra connection and accountability

    • Enjoy the camaraderie and positive energy of communal focus

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    gym class for getting stuff done

    + Daily recharge sessions, breathwork and meditation, journaling, community sessions, monthly challenges, and much more...

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    1. Join or book a session

    Willpower is overrated but motivation is infectious. Fuel your focus with the enthusiasm of like-minded individuals.

    2. Set your intentions

    Double your odds of accomplishing your tasks by sharing your goals with others and creating a sense of external accountability.

    3. Start working

    Work silently alongside other people and experience distraction-free focus. Completing goals becomes easier than procrastination.

    4. Unwind and celebrate

    Whether you ate the entire frog or just had a bite, it's important to celebrate your progress and recharge.

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    Available through Access to Work

    Along with our focus sessions, you can also get tailored 1-to-1 support with online coaching sessions from FLOWN’s certified ADHD specialists through the UK government’s Access To Work Grant.

    With our seasoned coaches, you'll dive deep into your specific challenges, and discover strategies to optimise your focus, productivity and wellbeing.

    Apply now to take control of your ADHD, overcome challenges and transform your daily work and life.

    FLOWN offers a 30-day free trial. If you have ADHD, you can pay for FLOWN after the trial ends through the UK government's Access To Work grant.

    Follow our step-by-step guide.

    Everyone and every brain is different but that doesn’t mean one brain is innately better or worse than another. We believe in difference over deficit - 1/3 of our team is neurodivergent.

    We think neurodiversity should be celebrated and we want to help you leverage your superpowers.


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