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    FLOWN & Access To Work

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    People with ADHD are…

    🎯 More likely to experience lifelong difficulties with focus

    🎯 Five times more likely to struggle with obtaining and maintaining
    employment as a result

    🎯 Three to six times more likely to suffer multiple burnouts

    🎯 Three times more likely to experience anxiety or depression

    Flown runs online focus sessions designed around key insights from behavioural science to help trigger sustained bouts of concentration.

    Along with 80+ hours of live, facilitated focus sessions weekly, our platform also features live and on-demand sessions and content to help members unwind, manage stress and recharge.

    FLOWN is regularly awarded to people via the Access To Work scheme – many of our members enjoy FLOWN thanks to the grant. Our mission is to help everyone get more done and feel good doing it.

    How FLOWN enables focus…


    Social accountability

    At the start of focus sessions, users commit to tasks in small groups.



    Members are encouraged to concentrate on one thing at a time – combatting overwhelm and encouraging deeper focus


    Body doubling

    Members work together on Zoom, using 'body doubling', a technique often recommended to people with ADHD.


    Time blocking

    Scheduled time for staying on task brings greater structure to the member's work day.


    Hawthorne Effect

    Members are encouraged to stay on camera so that they feel the accountability provided by the group.

    "I've personally found a lot of benefit from using FLOWN and have been happy to recommend it to both staff and students at the University of Birmingham."

    Dr Karen Guldberg, Head of the Department of Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs (DISN) at the School of Education, University of Birmingham

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    FLOWN is not another productivity strategy, learning resource or version of a to-do list. It is a tool that can be used while you work to enhance focus, structure the day, and get important work done.

    "Stimulating productivity"

    I've grappled with ADHD all my life. I find the FLOWN structure really helpful in stimulating productivity throughout my week. It's helped me progress through some intense episodes of distraction and procrastination.

    Ivan Carr
    Managing Director

    "Increases my confidence"

    FLOWN's focus sessions completely changed how I work. I'm more productive now than I have been for a long time – maybe ever. I am setting and meeting achievable goals, which increases my confidence.

    Hari Berrow
    PhD student & scriptwriter

    "Achieve more than I'd do alone"

    I've got severe ADHD so my work is often interrupted and I frequently feel stressed and overwhelmed. FLOWN helps me work calmly, get through my admin, and achieve more than I'd do on my own.

    Patricia Bidi


    People who have or suspect they have ADHD find that FLOWN helps them stay on task, often while they go through the lengthy process for getting a formal diagnosis.

    Mental health

    FLOWN's toolkit can help people with emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Time management, social interaction, and accountability are all central to the platform.

    Physical disability

    People who are unable to go to a physical workplace and are confined to a WFH lifestyle often struggle with work-life boundaries and focus. FLOWN provides solutions for both.

    Other conditions relevant to Access To Work

    Access To Work is a broad offer of support, and we are happy to accommodate anybody who needs to get more done and feel better about their work.

    First column media

    Specialist ADHD coaching

    ADHD support that works

    We provide tailored 1-to-1 ADHD support with online coaching sessions from certified ADHD specialists:.

    With our seasoned coaches, those with ADHD will:

    • Get support to dive deep into specific challenges and goals

    • Gain a specially tailored toolkit of ADHD management skills

    • Discover strategies to optimise focus, productivity, and well-being

    Help those with ADHD gain expert support to overcome challenges and transform their daily work and life.

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