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    ADHD coaching

    Get personalized support from qualified coaches
    to help you thrive with ADHD

    Whether you're striving to manage your focus, overcome overwhelm, or unlock your potential, partnering with an ADHD coach will help you reach your aspirations.

    Here's how it works...

    Chemistry sessions

    Working with a coach is unique to every individual. Thatโ€™s why you can book a free taster session with each of our coaches โ€“ย so you can get to know their style and they can start to frame your challenges.

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    Range of coaching styles

    FLOWN+ offers a range of ADHD coaching specialisms, from play practices to support with focus, time management or mental wellbeing.

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    Bespoke approach

    No matter your goals, your coach will support you in understanding your unique thinking style, setting key objectives, and crafting a blueprint to achieve them.

    With their support, you'll unlock levels of potential and productivity you'd always envisaged but have struggled to reach.

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    Kit Slocum

    Entrepreneur, designer and certified ADHD coach, Kit has worked with neurodiverse minds from academia to the boardroom.

    With nearly 7 years of coaching experience, and an ADHDer herself, Kit has a deep understanding of the distinct challenges faced by neurodiverse professionals.

    She has a background in mental health care, including therapy frameworks like CBT and IFS etc., and is passionate about helping people leverage their unique strengths to consistently shine in their work and life.

    Book a session with Kit.

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    Mike Gillerman

    As a Certified ADHD Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator, Mike has vast experience in guiding ADHD professionals to unlock their potential and conquer their greatest goals.

    Mike combines mindfulness and meditation practices with a over a decade in stand-up, improv and constructive play practices to help people manage stress and harness their creativity.

    He loves to empower individuals with ADHD to overcome overwhelm, beat burnout, and realize their most significant goals.

    Book a session with Mike

    The UK government offers an Access To Work Grant to anybody who needs support to work effectively. See if you're eligible for an Access To Work Grant and learn how to apply, and how to use it to pay for ADHD coaching and membership with FLOWN.

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