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Take a break with Awe walks

Meditative exercises and sensory challenges to get you away from your desk for 10 minutes, so you can return refreshed and raring to go.

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To do your best work, sometimes you need to stop working.

Awe walks are audio experiences that detach you from your mind for a few minutes, engaging with your senses and the space around you, so new perspectives and creative ideas can emerge.

Get outside

Awe walks will get you away from your desk. Tap into the invigorating and creative power of being in nature.

Tune into new sensations

Give your cerebral side a break. Awe walks will get you exploring your other senses and ways of experiencing the world.

Be playful

Being silly or child-like during your breaks not only reduces stress but unleashes your imagination.

New perspectives

Being challenged to do random serendipitous tasks leads to new ways of looking at the world and current challenges.

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“Don’t take breaks from distraction. Instead take breaks from focus.”

Cal Newport, Author of Deep Work

All those new neural pathways created in your brain when you do something new lead to greater creative and problem-solving powers. See for yourself!

Choose between a live Awe walk and an on-demand Quest.

Pop in your headphones, and follow the instructions you are given...

Go with it, even if it feels a bit odd. A little novelty is the key to boosting creativity!

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