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    Awe Walks

    Live guided walks to help you detach from work and refresh your mind. Join virtually, walk in your surroundings, experience something novel.

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    Walking is how many deep workers over time achieve creative breakthroughs and recharge their focus. Cultivating a sense of awe and wonder - even amid the ordinary - is key for a joyful life.

    FLOWN Awe Walks are a form of “productive” or “active” meditation,  where our trained guides lead you over Zoom as you walk outside. Awe Walks are part of your FLOWN membership, and are designed to reduce stress and renew your focus.

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    How it works


    Pop in your headphones and join the session on your phone


    Meet your guide and head out for a walk


    Follow the guide and engage with your surroundings

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    Jack is our in-house Awe Walk leader. He’s a trained Awe Walk facilitator, and a sustainable development expert with a love for the outdoors.

    Jack has an authentic approach with a philosophical ethos, making sure to lighten the mood with his dry Scottish wit.

    He's also a lover of deep work and passionate about using his skills to help FLOWN members build enriching work lives.

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    "So perfect!"

    These Awe Walks are so perfect! I LOVE that I can join a group virtually and do something as awesome as walking in nature with others and with guidance. I'd never do that on my own! There's something so supportive about doing it with others and with a facilitator.

    "Peaceful but productive"

    These Awe Walks are a lovely way to reset and recharge in a peaceful but productive way - a wonderful way to decompress at the end the day.


    Loved that it got me away from the computer and into the outdoors. That special combination of being in a virtual space while experiencing nature in my local reality. Perfect balance of guidance and silence.

    "Inspiring and inclusive!"

    I was so relaxed I felt really heavy. This normally only happens when I have acupuncture. It was amazing! Beautifully and thoughtfully written and delivered. Really gentle, inspiring and inclusive.

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    If you can’t make a live session with Jack or one of the team, we also have a bank of On Demand Awe Walks you can access anytime. These 10-minute walking experiences give you the chance to play and unwind on your terms. 

    Be calmer, more focused
    and more productive

    Get your 30-day free trial now and start to weave mindful walking practices into your work day today.