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    Productivity coaching

    1:1 support, accountability and guidance
    from qualified productivity coaches

    Whether you're seeking to eliminate procrastination, deliver on a deadline, or unlock your potential, working with a productivity coach is the key you need to stop underachieving and feel in control of your work.

    Here's how it works...

    Chemistry session

    Book a free taster session with any of our coaches to get to know their style and how they can start to frame your challenges.

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    Habit strategy

    Your coach will help you to build behaviors and habits directly relevant to a chosen goal.

    We do this using evidence-based practices and accountability to develop the specific habits you need to succeed.

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    Person-centred support

    With tools to help you identify blockers, recognize your pre-habit triggers, and chart your progress, you'll discover layers of potential and productivity you'd only dreamed of.

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    Micah Yongo

    Accredited habit coach, Micah excels in guiding individuals and teams to unlock new levels of focus, conquer procrastination, and nurture a more rewarding relationship with their work.

    Alongside leading workshops for startups and non-profits, Micah has lectured on technique and productivity for undergrads and postgrads from Bournemouth to Oxford.

    He recognizes the deep impact productivity practices can have, and is committed to helping others elevate their personal and career growth through refining their productivity skills.

    Micah integrates evidence-based techniques with personalized strategies to match each individual's unique workflow, empowering his clients to banish distractions, and tap into levels of focus and motivation they never knew they possessed.

    Book a session with Micah.

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    Carrie Zarotney

    As a Certified Human Potential Coach and Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator, Carrie has reams of experience in helping professionals to unlock their full productive potential, one step at a time.

    Carrie intimately understands the game-changing impact of positive habits, and how to help others make seismic shifts through small incremental changes.

    Having honed her passion for personal development through training with the Bulletproof Training Institute, Carrie uses science-based tools to empower modern workers to forge healthier, more productive lifestyles, and arrive at the goals that matter to them most.

    Book a session with Carrie.

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