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    How to avoid it

    Brain-hack your way to a stellar new year
    with virtual co-working

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    is not laziness

    Procrastination is a problem of emotional regulation. It's not simply that you're lazy or lack 'get up and go'. 

    Smart people
    procrastinate too

    There is no significant correlation between your intelligence and procrastination!

    can be beaten

    Future visualization, clear goal-setting, and ‘body doubling’ have been shown to help kick the habit.

    Around a quarter of adults struggle with procrastination, while a whopping 75% of students say it a key blocker.

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    Procrastinators around the world are embracing virtual co-working. What is it?

    👩🏻‍💻 Work online on video with other people
    📣 Share goals and tasks for deep accountability
    🚀 Stay on task and make progress

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    "I find virtual co-working with FLOWN really helpful in stimulating productivity throughout my working week. It's helped me progress through some intense episodes of distraction and procrastination.”

    Ivan Carr, Managing Director

    FLOWN is the ultimate virtual co-working platform, offering a range of focus session formats to help you get more done and feel good doing it.

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    The ‘body doubling’ effect

    We’re social animals, and we take cues from each other. That’s why it’s easier to stop procrastinating when you’re with a bunch of focusing people. This is called body doubling, and it totally works.

    FLOWN offers a range of different body doubling sessions to help anyone struggling with procrastination, distraction and attention-deficit.

    🧪 Science behind FLOWN >

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    Connected and accountable

    FLOWN gives you a virtual community to work alongside. You'll discover countless others from around the world who share your challenges with procrastination and want to celebrate your successes.

    But it's about more than just support. Science shows that by sharing your goals with other people, you increase you chance of success by up to 95%.

    💕 What our members say >

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    A format for everyone

    Choose from a rich array of session types: from structured focus sessions led by our experienced focus facilitators to low-key 24/7 Drop-ins for that instant 'virtual library effect'.

    And when your mental batteries run low, you can recharge with FLOWN, too. Access live breathwork, journaling, meditation and movement sessions to keep your brain in great shape.

    📆 Check out the full FLOWN calendar >

    (Our sessions are called Flocks)


    • Available 24/7, join and leave at any time

    • Set your goal in the side panel, and take inspiration from what everyone else is working on

    • Work in the silent presence of other professionals from around the world

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    virtual library or coworking space

    Facilitated sessions

    • 1 or 2 hour sessions, led by our expert facilitators

    • Set your goal by text or in small groups for extra connection and accountability

    • Enjoy the camaraderie and positive energy of communal focus with your Flock

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    gym class for getting stuff done

    Body doubling with FLOWN provides an anchor for your attention, grounds your nervous system, and gives you a greater sense of accountability.

    "This isn't hustle culture. This is human." Amanda, Toronto

    A big part of FLOWN’s effectiveness is the team of people who coach and cajole you to overcome your procrastination demons!

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    The Productivity Pro

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    The Creativity Cajoler

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    The Calm Contemplative

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    The Inspirational Visionary

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    The Quirky Breathwork Coach

    Don’t let procrastination get in the way of what you want to accomplish this year. Give FLOWN a try – get more done, and feel good doing it.