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    Wellness Coaching

    Personalized 1:1 support for personal and professional growth

    Whether you're seeking to learn a new skill, ignite your creativity, or build a more mindful approach to your work and life, our multi-disciplinary coaches are the catalysts you need to fuel your growth and accomplish your aims.

    Here's what you get...

    Chemistry sessions

    Working with a coach is all about what fits you best. That’s why you can book a free taster session with any of our coaches to get a feel for how they work.

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    Coaching variety

    Choose from a range of coaching styles and philosophies to hone routines to match your personal or professional aspirations.

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    Support away from work

    There's more to life than work. Here, you can find coaches to guide you in nurturing personal interests, skills and leisure activities that align with your desired lifestyle.

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    Georgie St Claire

    A certified creativity coach, digital wellbeing coach and an NHS-trained mindfulness teacher, Georgie is passionate about training professionals, creatives and business leaders how to harness their creativity and avoid burnout.

    With her background in animation and art, Georgie has led workshops for corporations, universities and community organisations.

    She's well versed on the impact building a creative practice can have, and loves to help others to enhance their wellbeing, work, and personal life through developing their creative spark.

    Book a session with Georgie.

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