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    Your friend $referredBy has told you about FLOWN – their go-to work hack.

    Follow their lead – try a virtual co-working session and boost your focus today.

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    FLOWN is an online platform and accountability app that provides round-the-clock virtual co-working to help you manage your workload, power through your tasks, and stay accountable to your goals.

    "Body doubling has grown popular online among people working from home and those who desire community. FLOWN features deep-work blocks, morning productivity rituals, guided breathwork, and more."

    - The Hustle

    Our brains are wired to replicate the behaviors we see. It's why we yawn when others yawn, and why studying in a library is so effective. That's 'body doubling' in action.

    So when you see others focusing on FLOWN, you'll find it easier to follow suit. It's a simple yet powerful tool to overcome procrastination, distractions, and attention deficits.

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    Join a community of real people to keep you accountable. You'll discover countless others from around the world who share your challenges and want to celebrate your successes.

    But it's about more than just support. Science shows that telling other people about your goals increases your chance of success by up to 95%!

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    Choose from a rich array of session types: from 50+ weekly structured focus sessions led by our experienced focus facilitators to low-key 24/7 Drop-in sessions for that instant virtual library effect.

    When you’re done focusing, recharge with FLOWN. Access our live breathwork, journaling, meditation, drawing and movement sessions, to be your best self when it’s time to focus again.

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    (Our sessions are called Flocks)

    Drop-In sessions

    • Available 24/7, join and leave at any time

    • Set your goal in the side panel, and take inspiration from what everyone else is working on

    • Work in the silent presence of other professionals from around the world

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    virtual library or co-working space

    Facilitated sessions

    • 1 or 2 hour sessions, led by our expert facilitators

    • Set your goal by text or in small groups for extra connection and accountability

    • Enjoy the camaraderie and positive energy of communal focus with your Flock

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    gym class for getting stuff done

    🤯 Not enough variety for you?

    FLOWN is the worlds's first communal focus platform.

    • Create your own private focus sessions for friends, family or colleagues to join for FREE

    • Design and run a focus session for your community, whether your tribe is PhD students, developers, entrepreneurs, ADHDers, or something else.

    • Hold yourself extra accountable by hosting a body doubling session for others

    • Run a focus session at a time that works for you, anywhere in the world.

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