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Help your team get more done

FLOWN uses deep work to help business leaders
tackle the challenges faced by remote teams

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With deep work you can

Avoid staff

FLOWN helps your employees feel in control and on top of their work.

Increase employee

Deep work will give your employees the space to fully engage in a single task, consequently helping them feel less overwhelmed and stressed.

5x your team's productivity

FLOWN frees your team from distraction, boosts their motivation and helps them get more done than ever before.

Benefit your
company's bottom line

Deep work increases your company's value creation availabilities, directly contributing to your profitability and competitiveness.

What is deep work?

Deep work is a state of peak concentration. In this state you can master new skills and create high quality work faster, all in a more fulfilling way.

Deep work is a skill in itself - an increasingly rare, but an increasingly valuable skill.

Use FLOWN to help you embed deep work into your culture, and give your team access to the tools and techniques that help them achieve more, in a healthy, happy way.

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Sprint towards progress

"I love FLOWN and encourage my team to get stuck into the platform. As a team, we use Flocks to focus together and sprint towards progress. It's a no-brainer for me as a business leader because it boosts their achievement and also improves their sense of wellbeing at work."

Dan Murray
Co-founder, Heights


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What happens in a deep work session?

Flocks are our facilitated deep work sessions

They are designed to block distraction, increase motivation and help your employees achieve more and feel good doing it.

  • Run on Zoom and guided by one of our expert facilitators

  • 7 Sessions every weekday, each with a different style and focus

  • State your goals to your Flock and settle down to focus

Flocks for your team

Your team can feel focused and accountable while working remotely. Encourage them to join session times that fit their own schedule, or dedicate time as team and deep work together.

8:30am, Mon-Fri
A 20-minute morning ritual to journal and share your intentions for the day.
FLOWN’s morning Take-Off is a simple 20-minute session that sets you up for a focused and fulfilling day ahead. Begin with a short meditation, take some time to journal, and state your intentions for the day with a small group of fellow Flockers. That’s three healthy rituals in one 20-minute meetup. You’ll need a pen and notepad.
Deep Dive
8:00am, 10:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm, Mon-Fri
A 2-hour silent deep work session to work on anything that requires focus.
Get deep into your work with a Deep Dive – a unique two-hour session that helps you get into a focused and productive state. State your goals to a small group of fellow Flockers, then settle into two 50-minute deep working flights (with a quirky break in the middle). It’s a surefire way to get some meaningful work done.
Power Hour
1:00pm, Mon-Fri
A sprint of work – focus for an hour to get key tasks over the line.
The Power Hour is your chance to focus in a short burst. State your goals in the room chat, block out distractions, and get to work. These unique one-hour sessions are designed to get you into a 'flow' mindset, and settle into a short burst of productivity. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a Power Hour…

The science behind FLOWN

Our tools leverage the psychology and neuroscience behind deep work and flow states.

Body doubling

Body doubling is the practice of doing your work in the presence of others, so that you're less likely to get distracted. This particularly helps those with ADHD and other neuro-divergencies.

Hawthorne Effect

When you're observed as you work, you're tapping into powerful psychological hacks that make you perform better and help you focus.

Flow states

A McKinsey's study into peak performance shows that we're 5x more productive when we get into a flow state. Imagine being able to tap into this super-power every day!

Rituals of accountability

We need rituals to add meaning and structure into our day. Secular work rituals can keep us accountable, and make our day feel connected and worthwile.

Play and exploration

As well as reducing stress hormones such as cortisol, playful exploration helps to trigger divergent thinking – an ideal brain state for problem-solving and creativity.

Green spaces

There is tons of research showing the restorative power of being in nature. Getting out into green spaces is essential to recharging your focus and feeling fulfilled.

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Get FLOWN as a perk, benefit, 
or operating system for your team

We offer simple pricing for teams of any size.

Only pay for what you use.

Also included as part of your package

A motivating backdrop

Take inspiration and get accountability on demand by working alongside other deep workers in our Porthole videos.

Recharge your focus

Take meaningful breaks with Quests: walking challenges that help fuel your creativity and imagination after an intense focus session.

Learn deep work

Learn the principles of deep work, and how to build effective habits with the FLOWN Academy.

Gaze into nature

Just 40 seconds of gazing into nature with our Green scenes can make you more productive and improve your concentration.

Breathing and posture

Keep your mind and body supple during deep work breaks with our Airflow videos.

Serendipitous content

Escape the pull of social media and doom-scrolling. Our Almanac is designed to enrich your brain while helping it recharge its powers.

How other businesses use FLOWN

"Moments of connection"

FLOWN has a magic formula that helps me focus, while weaving in moments of connection together with concentration and productivity – wonderful for remote workers. I came straight off my first Flock and messaged my whole 40+ team to recommend they sign up too.

Rachel Carrel 
Founder, Koru Kids

"Feeling productive and inspired"

The intention setting and group accountability aspects of Flocks are incredibly powerful - I exit each session feeling productive and inspired. Several team members have joined in too and I know our collective productivity has benefited.

Saasha Celestial-One
COO and co-founder, OLIO

"Focus on big tasks"

Deep work sessions are perfect to focus on big tasks. I get the headspace to get stuck in without being distracted by calls and emails. I get work done in less time than it would take me previously and having that time in my diary means people leave me alone to complete tasks.

Ashleigh Kelly
Head of Finance

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