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Productivity training and focus coaching for teams

We deliver specialised training and resources for teams and employees
Your people will get more done and feel good doing it

FLOWN delivers dynamic training and coaching tailored to the needs of your organization, to help your people effortlessly arrive at high performing, focused states of mind.

With our help, your teams and employees can experience the thrill of a thriving deep work culture, consistently tick meaty tasks off the to-do list and feel more fulfilled in their work.

Here's how...

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Achieve more with
flow states

Equip teams on how to find peak performance with coaching from accredited facilitators

Get results with
body doubling

Learn how to integrate proven practices into the workday to get key tasks over the line

Better wellbeing
with mindfulness

Discover how to maximise energy and time with mindfulness training for teams and employees

Reach goals with
remote teams

Design rituals and tools for remote teams to collaborate and function at their best

Support neurodiversity
at work

Get expert insights on ADHD, autism, dyslexia and more to power your productivity and your team's

Led by visionary tech entrepreneur Alicia Navarro, we built a thriving platform for remote workers, to focus, get more done, and have a ton of fun in the process. Designed around key aspects of behavioral science, our resources continue to benefit thousands of professionals all over the world.

We're experts on how to use powerful focus-triggering practices like intention setting and community accountability to enable workers to build new habits to get the best from themselves.

We've finally decided to listen to demand by packaging these hands-on learnings into training resources for individuals, teams and organisations to perform at an elite level.

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Meet our diverse team of experienced facilitators delivering weekly deep work sessions

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Alicia Navarro CEO & founder

Serial tech entrepreneur and founder, Alicia has led and coached businesses all over the world. She has tons of experience shaping organisational culture, to empower teams and individuals to produce their best.

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Nate Thomas Breathwork coach

A qualified yoga teacher and certified Oxygen Advantage coach, Nate is our head of live experiences and an accomplished facilitator. He loves to use his skills to help teams and professionals to get the best from themselves.

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Georgie St Claire Creativity & wellness coach

Georgie is a certified creativity coach, digital wellbeing coach and an NHS-trained mindfulness teacher. She's passionate about training others how to build lasting practices, to harness their creativity, hone their focus and avoid burnout.

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Micah Yongo Productivity coach

Novelist and productivity pro, Micah currently leads FLOWN's deep work Academy – producing an ever-growing curriculum of resources to help teams and individuals to maximise their output and do great work.

Lunch and learns

Company keynotes

Hands-on workshops

Offsite events

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Multi-week coaching courses

Flow Coaches work with smaller groups of employees to go beyond the theory and embed deep work practises into their working routines over a number of weeks.

Your people will finish the course as experts in focused, intentional ways of working, with understanding of how to maximize their productivity, enhance their wellbeing, and support their colleagues in these practices.

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We match specific Flow Coaches, coaching styles and session types to your organization's needs and interests, but availability is limited.

Contact us to discuss the best training or coaching for your team.
A culture of focus awaits.