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    Boost your productivity with body doubling*

    *doing a task in the presence of others

    30 day free trial, no credit card required, free forever plan available.

    Mirror neurons

    Simply by being in the silent presence of other people, you're triggering powerful brain processes that make you more able to focus on the task at hand.

    Human connection

    By joining a deep work body doubling session, you’ll have a virtual community to work-alongside. You’ll also discover many other professionals who share your challenges.


    But it's about more than just support. Science shows that by stating your intentions to other people, you increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

    An attention anchor

    A body double provides an 'anchor' for your attention, so that you're more likely to stay on task and avoid distractions.

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    "FLOWN has completely changed how I work. A few hours of really meaningful deep work helps me feel like I’m really achieving something. I'm more productive now than I have been for a long time - maybe ever. I am setting and meeting achievable goals, which increases my confidence."

    Hari Berrow
    PhD student & scriptwriter

    1. Join FLOWN and try a 
deep work session

    Start your 30 day free trial. Book yourself into a few deep work sessions - we call them Flocks. We’ll block those slots out in your calendar so you can prioritise your deep work time.

    2. State your deep work goals 
to your Flock

    Join your deep work session via Zoom, and 
be welcomed by your Flock facilitator. Settle down to focus, feeding on the accountability and support of our community of deep workers.

    3. Work silently alongside other deep workers

    Whether you join for our short morning Take-Off, longer Deep Dive or punchy Power Hour, 
you’ll come away from working with your accountability village feeling proud 
you’ve achieved more than you thought possible.

    4. Recharge your finite focus reserves

    The science of deep work shows that to achieve 
your best work, you need to weave play, rest, exploration 
and learning into your day. Listen, watch or read our 
rich platform of content experiences to recharge your focus.

    Despite the chaotic demands of modern work, the conditions that enable focus, creativity and fulfilment at work are actually known to science.

    FLOWN is designed to leverage neuroscience, social science and creative best practice to help you do your best work, while feeling your best self.

    Body doubling

    Body doubling is the practice of doing your work in the presence of others, so that you're less likely to get distracted. This particularly helps those with ADHD and other neuro-divergencies.

    Hawthorne Effect

    When you're observed as you work, you're tapping into powerful psychological hacks that make you perform better and help you focus.

    Flow states

    A McKinsey's study into peak performance shows that we're 5x more productive when we get into a flow state. Imagine being able to tap into this super-power every day!

    Rituals of accountability

    We need rituals to add meaning and structure into our day. Secular work rituals can keep us accountable, and make our day feel connected and worthwile.

    Play and exploration

    As well as reducing stress hormones such as cortisol, playful exploration helps to trigger divergent thinking – an ideal brain state for problem-solving and creativity.

    Green spaces

    There is tons of research showing the restorative power of being in nature. Getting out into green spaces is essential to recharging your focus and feeling fulfilled.

    Flocks - Deep work sessions

    Flocks are designed to free you from distraction, fill you with motivation and help you get more done than you ever thought possible, even when working remotely or alone!

    • Run on Zoom and guided by one of our expert facilitators

    • 7 Sessions every weekday, each with a different style and focus

    • Unique, fun, and so effective that 88% of our members who try them come back for more

    Work smarter, not harder with Flocks.

    Our Flock types and schedule

    Take-Off icon


    4x a day Mon - Fri
    A 20-minute morning ritual to journal and share your intentions for the day.
    FLOWN’s morning Take-Off is a simple 20-minute session that sets you up for a focused and fulfilling day ahead. Begin with a short meditation, take some time to journal, and state your intentions for the day with a small group of fellow Flockers. That’s three healthy rituals in one 20-minute meetup. You’ll need a pen and notepad.
    Deep Dive icon

    Deep Dive

    5x a day Mon - Fri
    A 2-hour silent deep work session to work on anything that requires focus.
    Get deep into your work with a Deep Dive – a unique two-hour session that helps you get into a focused and productive state. State your goals to a small group of fellow Flockers, then settle into two 50-minute deep working flights (with a quirky break in the middle). It’s a surefire way to get some meaningful work done.
    Power Hour icon

    Power Hour

    2x a day Mon - Fri
    A sprint of work – focus for an hour to get key tasks over the line.
    The Power Hour is your chance to focus in a short burst. State your goals in the room chat, block out distractions, and get to work. These unique one-hour sessions are designed to get you into a 'flow' mindset, and settle into a short burst of productivity. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a Power Hour…
    Portholes - artist

    A motivating backdrop

    Take inspiration from the craft of others by working alongside other deep workers in our Porthole videos.

    Become more creative

    Listen to Quests: walking challenges that help you detach from your mind and fuel your creativity and imagination.

    Learn deep work

    Enter the rabbit hole of deep work, and explore the science of your brain with the FLOWN Academy.

    Gaze into nature

    Just 40 seconds of gazing into nature with our Green scenes can make you more productive and improve your concentration.

    Breathing and posture

    Keep your mind and body supple during deep work breaks with our Airflow videos.

    Serendipitous content

    Escape the pull of social media and doom-scrolling. Our Almanac is designed to enrich your brain while helping it recharge its powers.

    See our press cuttings

    "Sprint towards progress"

    I love FLOWN and encourage my team to get stuck into the platform. As a team, we use Flocks to focus together and sprint towards progress. It's a no-brainer for me as a business leader because it boosts their achievement and also improves their sense of wellbeing at work.

    Dan Murray
    Co-founder, Heights

    "A new level of focus"

    I ABSOLUTELY love FLOWN! The deep work sessions have been such a wonderful, transformative experience and addition to my day. I have met lovely people, found a new level of focus and wonder how I ever managed without FLOWN. Thank you!

    Jo Gifford
    Writer & Consultant

    "Achieve more than I'd do on my own"

    I've got severe ADHD so my work is often interrupted and I frequently feel overwhelmed. FLOWN helps me work calmly, get through my admin, and achieve more than I'd do on my own.

    Patricia Bidi

    "Block out distractions"

    As a developer, I really value being able to block out distractions and work in a focused way, uninterrupted, for blocks of time. I find Quests great for switching off, too!

    Jonander Elosua
    Full-stack developer

    "Moments of connection"

    What I get from Flocks: concentration, productivity and… connection! FLOWN has a magic formula that helps me focus, while weaving in moments of connection – wonderful for remote workers.

    Rachel Carrel 
    Founder, Koru Kids

    "Focus on big tasks"

    FLOWN is perfect to focus on big tasks. I get the headspace to get stuck in without being distracted by calls and emails. I get work done in less time than it would take me previously just by cutting out the distractions. Having that time in my diary means people leave me alone to complete tasks.

    Ashleigh Kelly
    Head of Finance

    I’m so busy, how am I meant to take two hours off?!

    • That’s sort of the point. If you don't have time to join Flocks, it means you probably aren't getting time to do your actual work. Flocks aren’t about taking time off – they’re about making time to do the work that’s going to make the biggest difference. We recommend booking sessions in a week or more ahead of time, so your precious deep work time is locked in, and your day isn't eaten up with meetings, calls and emails. In the end, you'll get more done this way.

    I don’t want to be on camera with people I don’t know…

    • You don’t have to be if you really don’t want to… but if everybody turned their cameras off it wouldn’t work so well. Actually seeing your accountability group makes a massive difference – it triggers motivation, and puts you under a positive kind of pressure to succeed.

    My house/flat/study is a mess! How can I be on Zoom with strangers?

    • We can relate. But we don’t care, and nor do your fellow Flockers! The pandemic means that everybody is used to people working in messy kitchens or with dogs, kids, and flatmates poking their noses into their meetings. Flocks improve your focus and productivity. Zone out your environment and do some deep work!

    I don’t want to present my workplan to people I don’t know! 

    • Your fellow Flockers are NOT your boss. Flocks are about supportive accountability – so you don’t need a sophisticated presentation in your intentions. On Deep Dive sessions, just talk for a minute about what you intend to get done. The very act of sharing it is scientifically proven to improve your chances of actually doing it. Oh, and we don't do breakout rooms in Power Hour Flocks, so why not try one of those out first?

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    With our live events, fabulous facilitators and on-demand content, the FLOWN platform is on a mission to help everybody weave deep work into their lives.

    Join now, and discover a new way to think and work. You get 30 days completely free!

    Deep work tips for thinking and working