Come work with me

    Let your fans, followers and friends work with you on FLOWN.

    FLOWN is where people come to work together,
    get more done, and feel good doing it.

    We’re a deep work platform: helping people focus, feel accountable, and find inspiration, through our live and on-demand sessions, led by our charismatic FLOWN Facilitators.

    And this is where you come in.

    Second column media

    ✔️ do you have a following that would enjoy feeling part of your creative process?

    ✔️ want to engage with your audience in a new and meaningful way?

    ✔️ interested in exposing your work work to a new audience

    FLOWN can offer you a solution - and an additional revenue stream - with little effort or work required from you.

    First column media

    We invite ‘Featured’ Facilitators to host our live focus sessions (called Flocks).

    You essentially work on your own project for two hours on a Flock - on camera from your laptop - while our community silently work on their own things, alongside you.

    It is an opportunity for your audience to feel a part of your creative process, and to watch their ‘hero’ as you do work they will later digest as fans. And it is an opportunity for you to find new fans in the wider FLOWN community, who - as a result of working alongside you on a Flock - feel vested in your work.

    FLOWN is a “Twitch for work”: a platform where experts, creators and luminaries can earn an incremental revenue stream from their existing and future fans, simply by being observed as their work on our platform.

    What’s the format of the Featured Facilitator Flock?

    Like a normal Flock, except with a FLOWN co-host managing the mechanics of the broadcast for you.


    The Flock starts

    You welcome the Flockers and share your intentions for the next two hours of work. You pose a question and your co-host sends everyone to smaller break-out rooms for a few minutes where they share their own intentions.


    1st deep work flight

    Once everyone is back, you give them some encouragement and it's time for the first 50 minute silent deep work flight. You work on your own project, and everyone does the same... but they get the thrill and motivation of working alongside you.


    Mini break

    Mid-way through the Flock, you lead a 3-5 minute break, where you share a little about your creative process: what you're working on, how you get into a flow state, how you overcome focus and procrastination challenges, etc…


    2nd deep work flight

    Time for another 50 minutes of silent communal deep work. The science of ‘body doubling’ makes everyone more focused and grounded, as their mirror neurones subconsciously mimic your focused state.


    Reflection time

    At the end of the second flight, everyone shares how they went against their goals. Finally you share your 1-2 minutes of reflection: what you achieved today, how you will recharge, and your favourite motto or mantra quote around work.

    You could be...

    ✍🏽 author
    🤔 philosopher
    🎓 academic
    🎨 artist
    🚀 entrepreneur
    🎭 comedian
    🛠 product specialist
    🎼 opera singer
    📢 influencer
    📈 growth hacker…

    ...anyone who needs to focus to produce creative output.

    Magic happens in the presence of that kind of focus and creativity.

    Second column media

    The Flock you will host is just two hours.

    We ask you to join 20 minutes before to check sound levels and check tech.

    We’ll do a 15 minute call with you a few days before the live Flock to prep you, and get you to come up with:

    • your preferred music for focused work

    • your favourite work- or motivation-related quote/motto

    • a fun getting-to-know-you question

    • what you will share in the first few minutes, during the mid-way break, and as a final reflection

    Note: no more than 10min of actual speaking required in your two-hour session

    FLOWN is a platform where experts, creatives, and luminaries can earn an incremental revenue stream. It complements other revenue channels - like speaking and podcasting apearances - but with significantly less extra effort or planning required.

    You are being paid to be watched doing something you were already going to do.

    You will earn:

    ✔️ 40% of net new annual subscription revenues for any member who signs up for FLOWN using your direct referral link, and

    ✔️ 20% of net new annual subscription revenues for any other member who attends your Flock as their first live event.

    * ”net” is actual customer payments after discounts, Stripe fees, and tax

    ** “annual” means subscription revenues for the first year of membership. If a member signs up for monthly membership, we will pay you monthly for as long as they are a member.

    For example, our annual membership is £180. After Stripe and VAT, the net revenue is £140. If 200 people watch you work, and 20 of those decide to become paying members after their 30-day free trial, you could earn £2,800, just for working on camera for 2 hours.

    We will also offer you a minimum payment (amount tbc), so you have a guaranteed minimum irrespective of how many people use your referral links.

    We ask that all Featured Facilitators commit to a minimum promotion level, e.g. an Instagram post, a LinkedIn post, and an inclusion in their email newsletter to their subscribers.

    FLOWN will also promote this Featured Facilitator across our own social channels and PR outlets.

    Yes, absolutely!

    We’ll create a Featured Facilitator page for you on our website and on the FLOWN calendar, which can include any links you like.

    You can also promote the work you are doing during the Flock - that is exactly the point of a Flock! It is a celebration of your creative and focused deep work.

    We have already featured a range of different deep workers on the FLOWN platform.

    Let us know through your FLOWN contact or through and we’ll get the ball rolling. We’ll just need to schedule your Flock session in, and do the pre-Flock call to get your briefed and ready to go!

    Then we can share your creative process with others, and spread the positive impact of the incredible work you do.