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    Suspect you have ADHD?

    FLOWN is an online co-working platform that empowers you to work your way

    "Stimulating productivity"

    I've grappled with ADHD all my life. I find the FLOWN structure really helpful in stimulating productivity throughout my week. It's helped me progress through some intense episodes of distraction and procrastination.

    Ivan Carr
    Managing Director

    "Increases my confidence"

    FLOWN's focus sessions completely changed how I work. I'm more productive now than I have been for a long time – maybe ever. I am setting and meeting achievable goals, which increases my confidence.

    Hari Berrow
    PhD student & scriptwriter

    "Achieve more than I'd do alone"

    I've got severe ADHD so my work is often interrupted and I frequently feel stressed and overwhelmed. FLOWN helps me work calmly, get through my admin, and achieve more than I'd do on my own.

    Patricia Bidi

    In fact, University of East London found 95% of those who join our focus sessions called Flocks report significant improvements in

    🚀 Productivity ⏰ Time management 🐶 Wellbeing

    What's more, approximately 50% of the members surveyed identified as Neurodivergent, the vast majority of those members citing ADHD.

    Flocks are our online focus sessions. They help you overcome distraction, fill you with motivation and provide you the structure and accountability you need so you get more done than you ever thought possible.

    ✔️ 80+ hours of weekly sessions of various lengths

    ✔️ 20+ expert trained facilitators

    ✔️ A supportive community of like-minded people

    How it works


    Book a session

    Find a time that works and pre-commit.


    Join your Flock

    Show up and feed off of each others' energy.


    Share your goals

    Experience the power of external accountability.


    Settle into focus

    Tap into a state of flow and do your best.


    Celebrate progress

    Closer to your goal one Flock at a time.

    Our Flock types and schedule

    Deep Dive icon

    Deep Dive

    5 sessions per day
    A 2-hour silent deep work session to work on anything that needs focus.
    Get deep into your work with a Deep Dive – a unique two-hour session that helps you get into a focused and productive state. State your goals to a small group of fellow Flockers, then settle into two 50-minute deep working flights (with a quirky break in the middle). It’s a surefire way to get some meaningful work done.
    Power Hour icon

    Power Hour

    2x a day Mon - Fri
    A sprint of work – focus for an hour to get key tasks over the line.
    The Power Hour is your chance to focus in a short burst. State your goals in the room chat, block out distractions, and get to work. These unique one-hour sessions are designed to get you into a 'flow' mindset, and settle into a short burst of productivity. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a Power Hour…
    Take-Off icon


    4 sessions / day
    A 20-minute morning ritual to journal and share your goals for the day.
    FLOWN’s morning Take-Off is a simple 20-minute session that sets you up for a focused and fulfilling day ahead. Begin with a short meditation, take some time to journal, and state your intentions for the day with a small group of fellow Flockers. That’s three healthy rituals in one 20-minute meetup. You’ll need a pen and notepad.
    Drop-In icon


    8h, Wed & Fri
    Join at any time for freestyle focus with the FLOWN community.
    Drop-Ins are all-day Flocks that let you work on your own terms without interruption. Join at any time, leave when you like, and soak up the sense of accountability without guidance or talk. Use Drop-Ins for productive bursts of virtual co-working – whether you’re a seasoned deep worker or you just want to see what FLOWN is all about.
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    The UK government offers an Access To Work Grant to anybody who needs support to work effectively. See if you're eligible for an Access To Work Grant and learn how to apply, and how to use it to pay for FLOWN membership.

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