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Discover FLOWN Portholes

Settle into a cinematic video accompaniment to your focus.

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Take inspiration from the craft of others and train your brain with the help of these absorbing films.

The antidote to white-noise playlists, grainy study YouTubes and dull productivity timers, Portholes provide a motivating backdrop to keep your focus razor sharp.

Open a Porthole when you need an inspirational buddy to work alongside. Play the video as you work, and stay on task for the duration.

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The power of Portholes

Trigger your mirror neurons

Observing other people do things triggers your brain to follow suit. It's why you yawn when somebody else yawns – and why we feel more productive in a library. It's to do with 'mirror neurons' in your brain. Portholes trigger these neurons to aid your productivity.

Get accountability on demand

FLOWN's Flocks let you interact with real people in a live virtual co-working space. But if you miss the start, or can't fit a Flock around your commitments. Portholes are there for an accountability boost.

Take inspiration from interesting people

From university professors to playwrights, CEOs to composers, Portholes give you a window into the world of an inspiring deep worker – giving you the feeling you can do anything.

Discover a world of deep work

Our library of Porthole videos will keep on growing. Here's a selection of the people we've captured deep in their work.

The Musician

Emma Hall, music producer

Join Emma's calming and rhythmic flow as she builds dynamic soundscapes to work, think or relax to.

The Author

Micah Yongo, fantasy author

Settle into the quiet and creative current of fiction writing with award-nominated fantasy author, Micah Yongo.

The Performer

Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe, performer and theatrical maker

Immerse yourself in the discipline of performance art with multi-award nominated-performer Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe.

The Academic

Tamas David-Barrett, writer and academic

Unlock deeper thoughts in the studious presence of behavioural scientist and writer, Tamas David-Barrett.

The Sculptor

Margot Roulleau-Gallais, sculptor and artist

Work alongside the irresistible flow of skilled sculptor Margot Roulleau-Gallais.

The Athlete

Andy Robertson, professional athlete

Hone your focus as you experience the drive and discipline of one of Britain's top sprinters.

The Entrepreneur

Alicia Navarro, CEO and entrepreneur

Allow serial entrepreneur Alicia Navarro's steady focus to draw you into a deeper level of flow.

The Ceramicist

Hannah Stacey, ceramicist

Discover the mesmerising artistry and focus needed for ceramic pottery with this peek into Hannah Stacey's process.

Discover Portholes for yourself

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