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    Olio’s Big Spring Clean

    Need motivation for your Spring declutter?

    Olio co-founder Saasha is hosting three virtual declutter sessions on the FLOWN platform, to help you share more, waste less and have fun with the Olio community.

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    FLOWN is an online platform that uses the power of community to help people stay focused and beat distraction.

    Olio's co-founder Saasha is hosting special sessions on the FLOWN platform exclusively for decluttering.

    Whether you're tidying, sorting, or planning a full clear out, all Olio-ers are welcome.

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    Hi, I'm Saasha, the co-founder of Olio, a local sharing app that's all about making it easy to pass on things you no longer need to people nearby.

    Imagine picking up a ladder from someone a couple of doors down instead of buying a new one. That's the kind of world we're dreaming of — a place to fight waste and support other people in our local communities.

    I’ve partnered with FLOWN to host three virtual declutter sessions, bringing the Olio community together to conquer our clutter!

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    FLOWN is a body doubling platform providing round-the-clock focus sessions to help you power through your tasks and stay accountable to your goals.

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    Our sessions are proven to support people all over the world to thrive in their work and get more done – while feeling more connected to their colleagues and community.

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    Body doubling is a technique often recommended for people with ADHD – but it works for everybody. 96% of those who try FLOWN report significantly improved focus and wellbeing.

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    You can join with Olio co-founder Saasha and the Olio community to declutter for FREE. You also get to try the full FLOWN platform for 30 days.

    After that, you’ll get a 25% discount on FLOWN Full memberships if you sign up for your FLOWN account via this page.

    Make the world your accountability buddy. Connect with people from across the globe to race through your to-dos and turn every challenge into a shared win.

    It’s all about body doubling. Body doubling is the act of doing a task in the presence of somebody else. This provides an anchor for your attention, grounds your nervous system, and gives you a greater sense of accountability.

    With FLOWN, you have body doubling options whenever you need a supportive other person to help you knuckle down to get something done.

    (Our sessions are called Flocks)

    Drop-In sessions

    • Available 24/7, join and leave at any time

    • Set your goal in the side panel, and take inspiration from what everyone else is working on

    • Work in the silent presence of other professionals from around the world

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    virtual library or co-working space

    Facilitated sessions

    • 1 or 2 hour sessions, led by our expert facilitators

    • Set your goal by text or in small groups for extra connection and accountability

    • Enjoy the camaraderie and positive energy of communal focus with your Flock

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    gym class for getting stuff done

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    focus Focus


    Focus sessions that give you structure for your day, a supportive community to work with, and motivation to get things done.

    Explore Flocks >

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    focus Focus


    An all-day silent co-working room you can drop in and out of at any time you like and get things done on your terms.

    Join a Drop-In now >

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    recharge Recharge

    Take-Off Sessions

    A 20-minute routine that combines meditation, journaling, and goal setting with a small group.

    Explore Take-Offs >

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    recharge Recharge


    Guided breathwork with a qualified coach – regular live sessions completely free for members.

    Explore Airflow >

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    focus Focus


    Take inspiration from others and train your brain to focus with these absorbing work-with-me films.

    Explore Portholes >

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    learn Learn


    The definitive ‘how it works’ guide for your brain. Learn how to focus with a range of insightful content.

    Explore the Academy >

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    Join FLOWN and Saasha on a new waste free journey for 2024.