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    Productivity for the long haul

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    Learn healthy ways to build and sustain productivity, structure your time, and enhance your ability to focus.

    A special ORCID event brought to you by FLOWN, the focus platform.

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    Prepare to learn new techniques to transform how you work forever!

    📊 Productivity challenges for remote workers @ 1:12

    🧠 The neuroscience of productivity @ 6:00

    🎯 Specificity in goal-setting @ 9:51

    🎓 Leveraging the psychology of motivation @ 15:15

    🔥 Managing focus, energy and chronotyping @ 28:15

    🎙️ Q&A: Task permanence and motivation @36:38

    🎙️ Q&A: Focus triggers and conditions for flow @39:40

    ✂️ Recap and next steps @ 52:30

    Access unlimited focus and recharge sessions FREE until 31 July with FLOWN.
    Get important work done faster, and breeze through dull tasks with a smile.

    What is FLOWN?

    🧠 The body doubling platform for focus and accountability

    🧑🏾‍💻 Virtual co-working for beating isolation when remote working

    🤝 A ‘live’ community of fellow pros to inspire your motivation

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    An award-nominated novelist and accredited HCP habit coach, Micah has gathered a wealth of expertise in guiding individuals and teams to conquer procrastination and thrive in their work. He's led workshops for startups and non-profits, and lectured at universities such as Bournemouth, Manchester and Oxford on productivity and focus. Micah is FLOWN's Focus and Flow lead, where he helps to support thousands of remote workers, students and academics all over the world to work at their best.

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    Why FLOWN?

    FLOWN is a body doubling platform providing round-the-clock focus sessions to help you power through your work and stay accountable to your goals.

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    Our sessions are proven to support remote workers all over the world to thrive in their work and get more done – while feeling more connected to their colleagues and community.

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    For this special FLOWN event, we’ll unpack how you can work with your brain rather than against it to make sustained long-term productivity your norm.

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