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    🚀 Double your productivity when WFH and feel good doing with body doubling

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    • 🎯 Maximize your focus and minimize distrctions, no matter when or where you work.

    • 🦋 Tap into your flow state, set clear and achievable goals and get things done.

    • 👯 Join a supportive community of other remote workers, creatives, and professionals from all over the world, and keep each other accountable

    • 🚀 Share your challenges and celebrate your successes in a supportive environment.

    Join a Drop-In right now or book a 1- or 2-hour virtual co-working focus session.

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    What are Focus Sessions?

    Our focus sessions are carefully designed to maximize your productivity through structured time blocks. Each session begins with a brief introduction to set goals and intentions, followed by a period of deep work where you can dive into your tasks with minimal distractions.

    ⌛️ 1-Hour Sprint: Ideal for those needing a quick, intense period of focus. Perfect for knocking out smaller tasks or breaking bigger projects into manageable pieces.

    🚀 2-Hour Dive: Provides a longer block for deeper focus, suitable for complex tasks or extended projects. Includes a short break in the middle to refresh and refocus.

    + 24/7 Drop-In Sessions: Think of it like a virtual library or co-working space

    Who Can Attend? Everyone 😎

    Whether you're struggling with distraction and procrastination, seeking to maximize your workday efficiency, or simply in need of structured work time or a bit of accountability in a supportive community, our focus sessions are for you.

    On a session you'll find:

    🌴Remote workers
    🚀 Entrepreneurs
    🎓 Students and academics
    🎨 Creatives and artists
    💪 Side hustlers

    ....and many more.

    You can access the Virtual Coworking sessions
    on the FLOWN platform! 

    You need to setup a FLOWN account to be able to join. It’s free to become a member and it only takes a few clicks. 

    Setup your FREE FLOWN account to finalize your booking!

    👾 Access all Focus sessions seamlessly on the day

    🚀 Explore the FLOWN focus platform free for 30 days

    Enjoy round-the-clock accountability and an encouraging community to help you get started and stay focused on your tasks. 

    Drop-In sessions

    • Available 24/7, join and leave at any time

    • Set your goal in the side panel, and take inspiration from what everyone else is working on

    • Work in the silent presence of other professionals from around the world

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    virtual library or co-working space

    Facilitated sessions

    • 1 or 2 hour sessions, led by our expert facilitators

    • Set your goal by text or in small groups for extra connection and accountability

    • Enjoy the camaraderie and positive energy of communal focus with your Flock

    🧠 Think of it like a...
    gym class for getting stuff done

    + Daily recharge sessions, breathwork and meditation, journaling, community sessions, monthly challenges, and much more...

    "FLOWN is an absolute game changer! A few hours of really meaningful deep work helps me feel like I'm really achieving something. I'm more productive now than I have been for a very long time" ~ Hari, PhD Student

    "Sometimes, when I am home by myself, my motivation is lacking or I can't seem to figure out what to do first. FLOWN helps me narrow down my to-do list by only working for a smaller amount of time. Having others on screen keeps me working instead of daydreaming or just plain not working." ~ Jessy, Entrepreneur

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