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    FLOWN Lifetime membership

    One up-front payment.

    Focus with FLOWN forever.

    Lifetime membership gives you access to the whole FLOWN platform, forever. No recurring payments, no quibbles.

    ✔️ Unlimited access to 80+ hours of live facilitated virtual co-working sessions per week

    ✔️ Drop-In focus rooms available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    ✔️ Create your own FLOWN events with Community Sessions

    ✔️ Daily morning Take-Off sessions to set yourself up for a fulfilling day

    ✔️ Live and on demand breathwork sessions to recharge your focus

    ✔️ Guided Awe Walks to boost your creativity

    ✔️ Unlimited access to our on-demand content, monthly challenges, and much more

    ✔️ Help shape FLOWN – as one of our forever friends, we'll come to you for feedback

    Lifetime membership costs £720.

    Lifetime membership costs $900.

    Lifetime membership costs €860.

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    Questions? Email hello@flown.com