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Fire up your 'mirror neurons' for a deep work boost

Needing a bit of help with your deep work? There's such a thing as 'mirror neurons' in your brain. These brain cells respond to the action of others and compel you to copy them.

This is why we created Portholes – to inspire your deep work through the actions of some really inspiring people.

Check out the full set of Portholes in your FLOWN Focus zone.

Take me to Portholes

And don't forget Flocks…

There's nothing better than a room full of real people to fire up your focus when you need a kick. Book one for this week now, with the handy calendar below.

Showing sessions for timezone: Europe/London.
Mon 26th September
7:30am, 20 mins
Deep Dive
8:00am, 2 hours
8:30am, 20 mins
Deep Dive
10:00am, 2 hours
Power Hour
1:00pm, 1 hour
Deep Dive
2:00pm, 2 hours
Deep Dive
5:00pm, 2 hours
Awe Walk
5:05pm, 20 mins
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