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    We are building THE community for ADHD founders, visionaries and leaders.

    That’s why I’ve teamed up with FLOWN – the body doubling platform enabling focus and flow – to run live focus sessions for our community.

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    Experience virtual co-working in a special Founderbrain live focus session.

    💬 Live chat with Founderbrain's Amanda Perry (10 mins)

    🎧 Focus session – everybody working silently on their own work (50 mins)

    🎉 Wrap-up – evaluate your progress and celebrate your success (10 mins)

    13 September 2023, 2pm BST

    It's an online event giving you the space and time to focus. Share your aims, and work silently alongside professional people just like you as you all work together.

    You'll harness the power of body doubling – the simple act of doing a task in the presence of somebody else. This technique triggers your mind to stay on task.

    All FOUNDERBRAIN sessions are FREE for members and podcast listeners!

    Get a free FLOWN account to join the sessions.

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    Plus, if you find that FLOWN’s focus sessions work for you, you'll get a 35% discount on FLOWN memberships.

    Thrive in business with ADHD

    19 October, 6.15pm BST

    Learn how to harness ADHD strengths to create a business that works for you, with Amanda Perry's coaching..

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    Founderbrain community focus session

    Fridays, 11am BST

    An hour of Founderbrain goodness! Use body doubling to get through your tasks get tips for the ADHD founder.

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    🎯 "Increased productivity"

    FLOWN has been immeasurably helpful, and it's not an exaggeration to say you saved my career and self-esteem. The two-hour work blocks are amazing, and I am three to four times more productive and focused than before.

    ❤️ "Supportive environment"

    Flown is accountability and structure. The more sessions I do, the more strong my boundaries have grown around my deep work and the more curious I get. It absolutely helped me define my goals and how to achieve them. Also a lovely friendly, non-intimidating environment with clearly passionate facilitators – thank you.

    🌎 "Overcome distractions"

    I've got severe ADHD so my work is often interrupted and I frequently feel overwhelmed. FLOWN helps me work calmly, get out of distraction doom spirals, and achieve more than I'd do on my own.

    🦚 "Community, purpose and creativity"

    A wonderfully focused and inspiring experience. The facilitators and members create a sense of community, purpose and creativity. Well done. Would highly recommend.

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    FLOWN x Founderbrain FAQs

    FLOWN offers a round-the-clock calendar of focus sessions – so you always have access to body doubling and a community to work alongside.

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