Get prepped for your first Flock

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    Watch this video ahead of your first Flock and you'll be fully primed for the experience. Our lead Flock facilitator Nate tells you everything you need to know in just over two minutes.  

    It’s a guided deep work session, run on Zoom. FLOWN’s facilitators bring their own pizzazz to each one, but they’re run roughly like this:

    • Arrival (prompt), followed by intro featuring bundles of aforementioned pizzazz (3 mins)

    • Breakout room – you share with a couple of fellow Flockers what you intend to achieve in the session, plus any additional chatter you feel you want to share (4 mins)

    • Deep work session. Put the group in Gallery view, so you can see everybody working, and knuckle down on your own work (50 mins)

    • Take a break! Science shows that 45-50 mins is a good chunk of deep work before your brain needs a break. So at this point you can go and get a coffee, or enjoy the break larks led by your facilitator. Expect games, stretches, riddles, juggling challenges with a toilet roll – anything that gives your mind a jolt out of deep work so you can return to deep work with your brain replenished (5 mins)

    • Deep work session part deux. As per the first deep work session. Go again! Get it done! (50 mins)

    • Decompress. Share with your Flock buddies (from your earlier breakout room) how you got on. No judgement, no pressure. We're confident you’ll have done way more than you expected, though. (5 mins)

    • Wrap up. Before you go, your deep work guide will send you off with something inspiring, curious, and/or funny. (3 mins)

    There, that’s 120 minutes of deeply productive time accounted for.