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Stoke your curiosity with the FLOWN Almanac – nuggets of knowledge to amuse and inspire you in your downtime…

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An ever-growing stash of curiosities and explorations written with the sole purpose of piquing your curiosity and fuelling your inspiration. 


Because the smart knowledge worker forgoes news ‘doom scrolling’ and swears off brain-dulling social media – in favour of break time reading that ignites creativity and sparks joy. 

The Almanac serves you a nugget of inspiring content, whenever you need. From a book recommendation to a deep dive into the cannibalistic nature of unborn sharks… you're sure to find something that sparks your imagination.

Boosts creativity

Creative thinking happens when you make unexpected connections between bits of information in your brain. The FLOWN Almanac is just the fodder your imagination needs…

Inspires exploration

Every entry offers up a rabbit warren of exploration – as we share trains of thought that inspired the entry – TED talks, TV shows, YouTubes, even music videos. 

Relieves stress

Weaving serendipity and playfulness into your working day is a positive ritual – and the perfect replacement for habitual doom-scrolling. Feel better with brain-boosting content.

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“Don’t take breaks from distraction. Instead take breaks from focus.”

Cal Newport, Author of deep work

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