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Live breathwork sessions
designed to renew your focus and boost wellbeing

Free for FLOWN members

Whether you need to dispel some work stress or you simply want to pause in your day, breathwork is a powerful practise that can make a huge difference to your wellbeing. FLOWN’s sessions, run by experienced coaches, can be accessed online from anywhere. 

Join with others

Discover techniques to prime your focus alongside other FLOWN members

Shutdown stress

Dispel stress through virtual sessions led by experienced breathwork coaches

Refresh your mind

Clear your mind and boost wellbeing with proven breathing practices 

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Elsie Lincoln Benedict, writer and speaker

Breath and posture are often neglected when it comes to managing energy through a typical workday. But a conscious approach to how you breathe has been shown to reduce stress and positively affect the heart, brain, immune system and digestion.

Lifts mood

Eliminates dysfunctional breathing patterns that can lead to anxiety, fatigue and ‘brain fog’

Boosts focus

Reduces stress and positively affects the heart, wellbeing and the brain's ability to concentrate.

Improves health

Breathwork provides controlled increases in CO2 that can have life enhancing effects

Nate is our in-house Airlfow leader. He’s a qualified Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher, and a certified Oxygen Advantage breath coach.

Nate's got bags of energy, an incredible collection of Christmas jumpers, and is fond of jumping out of aeroplanes.

He's also a deep work convert and passionate about using his skills to help FLOWN members get the best from themselves.

How it works


Join FLOWN and book an Airflow

Start your 30 day free trial. Book yourself into an Airflow via the FLOWN launchpad. We’ll block the session out in your calendar so that you can be notified.


Join your breathwork session

Join your Airflow session via Zoom, and be welcomed by your breathwork coach. Settle down to be guided through breathwork exercises with the FLOWN community.


Breathe alongside other remote workers

Be led through 25-minutes of transformative breathwork, designed to soothe tension, quieten your thoughts, and help you get into a headspace for deep rest and flow.

As well as live, facilitated Airflow sessions, there’s also a stash of On Demand breathwork exercises for you in the FLOWN platform. Recharge your focus with breathwork whenever you need with these simple videos.

Watch the video for a quick sample

"Breathwork sweet spot"

I've attended many breathwork classes and have just qualified as an Oxygen Advantage instructor. This was easily the best class I've ever been too. Nate was incredibly skilled at leading the group and the mix and progression of the exercises perfectly hit my breathwork sweet spot. Thank you so much!

"Safe space"

The facilitator created a very safe space for everyone, I felt at ease.

"Helped me feel at ease"

I liked Nate's warm and friendly manner. He helped me feel at ease trying something new. I wanted to attend the breathwork session off the back of FLOWN Flocks. I would recommend Nate's breathwork sessions to my friends, as I have recommended Flocks to them.


I was so relaxed I felt really heavy. This normally only happens when I have acupuncture. It was amazing!