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Breathwork, yoga and more – all designed to fuel your deep work and keep your brain sparkling with ideas, focus and motivation.

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Science shows that breathing, movement and posture have an impact on everything from stress levels, confidence, and even blood pressure and digestion.

All of these things matter when you're aiming to do great work, focus on your tasks and stay happy and healthy at the same time.

That's why we've created Airflow – an ever-growing suite of video content that helps you make this important area of self-care a part of your work day.

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The optimum breathing rate for most adults is around 5-8 breaths per minute, the average is 18!

CO2 is a vital part of breathing and controlled increases of it can have life enhancing effects

Dysfunctional breathing patterns can lead to anxiety, fatigue, stress and ‘brain fog’

Meet your coach

Nate is our in-house Airlfow leader. He’s a qualified Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher, and a certified Oxygen Advantage breath coach.

Nate's got bags of energy, an incredible collection of Christmas jumpers, and is fond of jumping out of aeroplanes.

He's also a deep work convert and passionate about using his skills to help FLOWN members get the best from themselves.

Get an Airflow taster

Our Airflow videos are of various lengths, and help you achieve a range of outcomes…

  • Disperse stress and tension in your body and mind

  • Achieve a sense of calm at any time

  • Give your focus a boost

  • Exercise your body and get the blood pumping

  • Techniques and exercises for all levels of experience

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Airflow virtual live events

Your FLOWN Full membership includes free access to our live Airflow experiences. Run virtually in a group via video call, Airflow live experiences introduce you to breathwork practice and give you immersive and guided breathwork. No psychobabble or spa music, just accessible breathwork from our in-house expert.

Praise for Airflow

"Breathwork sweet spot"

I've attended many breathwork classes and have just qualified as an Oxygen Advantage instructor. This was easily the best class I've ever been too. Nate was incredibly skilled at leading the group and the mix and progression of the exercises perfectly hit my breathwork sweet spot. Thank you so much!

"Safe space"

The facilitator created a very safe space for everyone, I felt at ease.

"Helped me feel at ease"

I liked Nate's warm and friendly manner. He helped me feel at ease trying something new. I wanted to attend the breathwork session off the back of FLOWN Flocks. I would recommend Nate's breathwork sessions to my friends, as I have recommended Flocks to them.


I was so relaxed I felt really heavy. This normally only happens when I have acupuncture. It was amazing!

Be calmer, more focused and more productive

Get your 30-day free trial now and start to weave the control of your breath into your work day today.

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