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    FLOWN’s platform is designed to drive your deep work. 

    We help you focus while you work, and recharge when you step away.


    Live events and on-demand content to help you focus, either in virtual accountability groups or by yourself. Work alongside FLOWN and watch your relationship with work transform!


    Our stash of Recharge content is designed to replenish your finite focus reserves, and create new neural pathways in your brain. Whether it is play, exploration, learning or movement, FLOWN strengthens you so you can achieve your best work.

    Plans we offer

    After your 30 day free trial, choose monthly or yearly options to continue accessing all our deep work tools, or switch to FLOWN Free for free access to a subset of our tools.

    • Flocks
      Our live focus sessions
    • Live Recharge sessions
      Including Take-Offs, Awe Walks and Airflow
    • Portholes, Quests, Airflows
      On-demand content to focus or recharge
    • Academy
    • Community
    • Live event calendaring
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    Friday Flocks only, limited content

    • Fridays only
    • Fridays only
    • 2/month
    • Limited
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    • Book 1-by-1 only