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    Lisa Ann “LAMARKS” Markuson

    Multi-talented Poet and Founder of Ars Poetica

    Lisa Ann “LAMARKS” Markuson, the visionary behind Ars Poetica

    Holding degrees in International Studies and International Communications, Lisa's journey led her from organizing the International Children's Festival for Meridian International in Washington, DC, to recognizing her own artistic potential.

    Lisa's dream? To fulfill the potential that poetry has to enrich every type of experience, on and off the page. And always outside of the lines.

    Through her work, Lisa Ann has produced, performed, and curated events for The Smithsonian, The Chilean Embassy, Macy’s, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Bowery Poetry Club, Bloomberg, Women’s Wear Daily and countless more.

    Lisa Ann “LAMARKS” Markuson

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    "Poetry provides an artistic antidote through empathic, embodied interactions that allow guests to tap into language, beauty, and emotions—the most precious elements of our shared humanity."