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    Vic Hogg

    Confidence coach and copy consultant Vic uses her applied theatre MA, decade’s experience of magazine journalism and extensive comedy training to explore ‘with-a-twist’ ideas around creativity and deep work. She also coaches individuals and teams — from corporates to academia to non-profits and creatives — on how to be and achieve their best.

    Loves: sea-swimming on the UK’s South Coast, dancing, reading or playing Scrabble with her family.

    Vic Hogg

    Articles by Vic Hogg


    The ultimate Thursday motivation for success at work

    Follow FLOWN’s 4 tips for Thursday Motivation and beat the midweek blues for good. Combat stress, tiredness, apathy and digital overwhelm when Friday’s in sight – one meme at a time!

    By Vic Hogg

    Jul 11, 2023


    ADHD tools: how to conquer everything everywhere all at once

    FLOWN’s 1hr ADHD workshop to mark Neurodiversity Celebration Week was packed with science-based facts and expert tips to help you navigate your work-life with ADHD. Templates included.

    By Vic Hogg

    Apr 14, 2023


    Thoughtful Gift ideas for Hard Workers

    Stuck for gift ideas this holiday season? The team at FLOWN share their merriest gift ideas to get you and your loved ones into the holiday mood.

    By Vic Hogg

    Dec 07, 2022