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Love your team

Four walls and video calls. The post-pandemic knowledge worker's lot is lonely. Collaborate and connect – virtually or IRL. You’ll turn your tired group into the dream team.


Teams need each other

In Deep Work, by computer science professor Cal Newport, depth is defined as the ability to focus without distraction. But it's not confined to individuals. Teams that deep work together – leveraging diverse talents – can do truly transformative work. But now WFH is the norm for swathes of knowledge workers, tools that connect people remotely and team meet-ups are more important than ever to foster culture, values, and collaboration…

Video vibes

Research shows that video conferencing is more exhausting than meeting IRL. It’s harder to gauge body language, and it’s more performative because you know you’re on camera.

Your best self

Changing contexts helps you switch personas. Being your ‘work self’ in your kitchen is like going on a date where your parents are drinking – it weirds you out.

Go, team!

Travel and new experiences enhance your brain. Combining travel with focused collaboration and meeting coworkers after months of WFH will power your team’s next sprint to greatness.

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson

Making use of FLOWN as a team

Equip your team to connect with others

Flocks – our guided deep work groups – provide your team with regular routines to bring out their productive best, while feeling connected with other knowledge workers.

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Make space for your team to play

Equip your team to refresh their minds with Quests – 10-minute meditative exercises and sensory challenges that rejuvenate creativity and concentration.

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Teach the team how to work deeply

Encourage your team to learn more about how to think and create more effectively, with the FLOWN Academy, our bite-sized lessons on creativity and flow.

Read enrichingly

Make social media scrolling redundant – share mentally stimulating 5-minute reads in the FLOWN Almanac.

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Get away and team up

Find a FLOWN space for your off-site – our curated list is full of properties your team will love and be productive in too!

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Elevate your team with FLOWN

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