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Give your focus a boost

Recharging your focus is the key to deep work

Recharge your focus

What do we mean by 'Recharge'?

Taking enriching breaks is essential to perform at our best!

You can only focus for so long before you need to recharge your mind. In fact, research shows that for every two hours of focused work you do, you need to give your brain a 20-minute rest. 

Scheduling more enriching breaks will help you be more productive, by giving you a series of mini deadlines to work towards. Our expertly designed activities will help you process and retain information, give you a better sense of the bigger picture, boost your creativity, help you unwind, and allow you to have better ideas

Breath & Body

Move your mind and body

Simple breathwork and desk yoga exercises, designed to boost your focus or help you unwind after a long day. 


Productive meditations

Grab your earphones, get away from your desk, and detach yourself from your cerebral side for 10 mins.

Explore Quests


Brain-sparking reads 

The antidote to doomscrolling: a trove of 5-minute reads to satisfy your brain's curiosity…  

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"Don’t take breaks from distraction. Instead take breaks from focus."

Cal Newport

The Focus and Recharge cycle

This is an example of what a balanced and healthy work day looks like...

1. Charge-up! – Journal and set goals at the beginning of the day. Take a few minutes to pause, define your goals, and ask yourself what you want to get out of your day. Try a morning Take-Off to help!

2. Focus – Go deep into your work. Focus and tackle your most important and challenging task of the day. You can try a two-hour Deep Dive and get some meaningful work done.

3. Recharge – Have a quick stretch. It's important to stand up and stretch your limbs if you spend a lot of time sitting down during the day. It helps refresh both your body and mind. Try our live and on-demand Airflow sessions to get you moving.

4. Focus – Boost your productivity. Focus in a short burst and get key tasks over the line. Try a one-hour Power Hour, designed to get you into a 'flow' mindset and settle into a burst of productivity.

5. Recharge – Take time to unwind. At the end of a long and productive day, it's essential to unwind. Breathe, relax, and reflect on your accomplishments. Try a live Awe Walk or on-demand Quest to guide you.


“Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit.” That’s how Cal Newport, who coined the term in his book Deep Work, describes it.

Take a walk with our Academy man Micah, as he explores what deep work could do for you.

Helping our members work deeper

"Sprint towards progress"

I love FLOWN and encourage my team to get stuck into the platform. As a team, we use Flocks to focus together and sprint towards progress. It's a no-brainer for me as a business leader because it also improves their sense of wellbeing at work.

Dan Murray
Co-founder, Heights

"Mental space and energy"

Without Flocks, I'm not sure I would've had the mental space and energy to prepare for a new round of fundraising for my startup. The intention setting and group accountability aspects are incredibly powerful – I exit each Flock session feeling productive and inspired.

Saasha Celestial-One
COO and co-founder, OLIO

"Disparate group of professionals"

Spending a couple of hours working silently and virtually, in the company of a disparate group of professionals from all over the world, has consistently given me focus and productivity to achieve my work goals. Flock facilitators are so welcoming and make the experience fun and enjoyable every time.

Trish Dunlop
L&D officer

Recharge FAQs

I'm so busy, I don't have time to take so many breaks!

  • That's part of the point. Busyness isn't the same as productivity, and no one can really stay focused for a full eight hours or more per day. You're probably taking breaks already but they might not be as intentional – maybe you check your phone, or switch your tab to your email threads a few more times than necessary. Taking more intentional breaks can help you make the most of your focused time.

I focus better early in the morning/late at night!

  • Not a problem at all. You can adjust your focus/recharge cycle to fit best with your personal schedule. If you focus better in the morning then perhaps just choose to do your most difficult task then, but of course remember to take a break to recharge after.

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