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Blurring the lines between work and holiday can be a great thing. Be a digital nomad, just for a bit, and see how you can grow with fresh perspectives and new experiences

Why workcations work

Travelling to a new place when you’ve got something important to do is a powerful tool to help you get it done. Intentional separation from your day-to-day is a statement that you’re going to return with something significant achieved. Plus, taking a workcation means you can enjoy the benefits of experiencing a different place – it’s a modern way to holiday, and a chance to try the digital nomad lifestyle…
The power of nature
Nature is proven to ramp up your critical thinking, creativity, and concentration. Research into ‘attention restoration theory’ shows that natural environments replenish your bank of attention, and help you process thoughts.
Go somewhere new
Creative thinking happens when connections between nuggets of knowledge are fired in your brain and neuroscientists have found that new environments and cultures help that process along.
Reduce stress
Numerous studies show links between nature and wellbeing. One Cornell University study found as little as 10 minutes in a natural setting helps lessen the effects of stress.
"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."
Henry Miller

Learn from the best workcationers

Retreat was central to the success of Carl Jung, when in the early 20th Century he changed the way the world thinks about psychology. He built a two-story hideaway in the Swiss countryside, and escaped his hectic schedule in Zurich to focus on the development of the school of thought we now call ‘analytical psychology’.
Some of Microsoft's biggest pivots and innovations have come out of Bill Gates's infamous 'Think Weeks'. These twice-a-year retreats in a remote cabin somewhere in the Pacific Northwest have garnered big ideas – from Internet Explorer to the Tablet PC. Gates uses the time to disconnect, read, and write down his ideas.
When trying to finish The Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling struggled to find creative headspace. So, she checked into a hotel suite close to Edinburgh Castle. Here, she was able to concentrate, focus, and ultimately write the wildly successful conclusion to the Harry Potter series.

Making use of FLOWN on a working break

Find a holiday location you can work from
Our collection of curated properties are both perfect holiday destinations and ergonomic workspaces. Get work done while you relax and explore.
Start searching for FLOWN Away properties
Sprint with other FLOWN members
Join a daily Flock session – our virtual accountability groups – to make the most of your desk time so you have more time to explore your destination.
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Take the time to learn deep work
Use your time away to become a deep work expert. The FLOWN Academy gives you bite-sized lessons on creativity and flow.
Explore your location creatively
Take a randomly assigned FLOWN Quests during your break, so you can process your thinking and return to your work refreshed.
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Read enrichingly
Switch off from social media and indulge in mentally stimulating ideas in the FLOWN Almanac.

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FLOWN AWAY is a curated collection of local and remote homes and hotels that you and your team can use when you need to get away to work.


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  • Inspirational aspect and proximity to nature
  • Equipment to support team off-sites
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