Seeking Starlings like you are independent out of necessity, but really thrive when you've got other people to trigger your creativity.

    You've maybe struggled with the move to remote work, or have been working alone for a long time and are starting to find it demotivating.

    Your motivation is community – a sense of accountability and support that can only come through contact with other people.

    First column media

    Get a detailed guide via email, full of ideas and actionable steps you can take to get out of your WFH funk and transform your relationship with work.

    • Access your personalised deep work planner so you can track your progress

    • Insert the magic of community into your workdays so that you perform and feel better

    • 10x your productivity through easy, simple daily rituals

    • Maintain your motivation and focus even when you’re working alone

    • Discover the power of supportive accountability through FLOWN's community of people just like you

    FLOWN is a deep work toolkit that helps you get more done, and get a buzz from your work.

    Train your focus and feel accountable with live deep work sessions. Work and recharge alongside other deep workers, wherever you are.

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