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    Grab our Earlybird offer

    Lock in a 50% discount ahead of the launch of our paid membership model…

    FLOWN’s platform is growing, with more Flocks, more tools to help you focus, more tools to recharge your focus

    It’s going to cost £50 per quarter (or £180 annually) to be a member.

    But you can get your first year of membership for just £90 if you become a FLOWN Earlybird now.

    Why this is happening

    As much as we'd love to, we can't stay free forever!

    But, with this offer, we hope to reward our most loyal and regular members – you're part of the FLOWN family, and you deserve special treatment!


    How FLOWN will develop

    We're expanding our Flocks timetable so there are more opportunities to join a group and get focused. We'll launch new tools that help you focus by yourself, when Flocks aren't convenient.

    And, expect more ways to recharge your focus – through breathwork, movement, and more.


    How the offer works

    From 10 January 2022, anyone who signs up to FLOWN will get a 30-day free trial. After that, it'll cost £50/quarter or £180/year to continue using FLOWN. If you take advantage of our Earlybird offer now, you'll only pay £90 for the year. Your year will start on 9 February 2022.


    That revamped Flocks schedule in full

    From 10 January, there's a new early-morning Take-Off for you, plus 15 hours extra deep work. It means the Power Hour will be retired for now. Here's the full line-up:

    Take-Off 8.30am GMT

    Take-Off 9.30 GMT

    Deep Dive 11am GMT

    Deep Dive 3pm GMT

    Deep Dive 6pm GMT

    You won't just be getting a great deal on your FLOWN membership. You’ll also be helping us show investors that our customers are as excited as we are about the deep work platform we’re building.

    Email us at hello@flown.com

    And find answers to some FAQs below…

    What happens if FLOWN goes bust in the next year?

    • That isn't going to happen. But the world is a perilous place, so it is a fair question. In the crazy possibility it does happen before we launch our paid membership model, we commit to returning your Earlybird membership fee.

    I don't use FLOWN all the time, can I pay monthly on and off?

    • We totally understand everyone uses FLOWN differently, and your work may mean you use us sporadically. That's why we priced the yearly option so generously. The Earlybird offer is only available as a yearly option.

    When is the Earlybird membership effective from?

    • We launch our paid membership model on 10 January 2022, and all members will get 30 days free. So, your Earlybird membership will be effective from when we start to charge members on 9 February 2022.

    Does this Earlybird offer expire?

    • Yes, we are only offering the Earlybird offer for a limited time. Any member who joined or joins before 10 January 2022 is eligible. You have until 8 February 2022 to buy it!

    Make FLOWN a fixture in your working life until 2023, for less than the cost of Netflix.

    Imagine what you could achieve with a whole year of focus.