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New year, new aims

But how can you make the most of them?

Dive into the FLOWN Academy to learn how to set goals and stay focused over the long haul.

What you'll discover

Why 80% of new year resolutioners fail to make good on their goals, and how to avoid becoming one of them.

Science-based insights on how to set your intentions and sustain progress.

Proven practices on how to hack your productivity and stay motivated.

Nuggets of knowledge on how to build habits that last.

Chapter 1: The secret to primed focus whenever you need it

How can you improve your ability to focus?

What exactly is rest, and why does it matter?

Discover how to prime your brain for peak productivity, and why learning to recharge is a superpower.

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Chapter 2: How to love your brain and boost your work

Learn how to hack your daily patterns to build the work habits you need.

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Chapter 3: How to kill distraction once and for all

Find out how to short circuit the distraction loop and get more done, more easily.

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Chapter 4: How to build intentions the right way

What can be done to have the best chance of fulfilling long-term goals?

Discover how to create intentions that last, and reach your goals.

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Join the New Year Resolutions Challenge

Ready to put what you've learned into practice? Get a deep work guide throughout January and build the habits to reach your goals.

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