Become a host

What does a FLOWN host do?

As a FLOWN host, you’ll provide a space for our members to get away from their everyday environment; a space for them to be at their most inspired and productive while they work and think. FLOWN members will be coming to your space with one of these purposes:

  • focused desk work
  • contemplation and learning
  • team off-sites

As the host, we’ll trust you to set up your space so that FLOWN members can start fulfilling their trip purpose from the moment they arrive.

Why become a FLOWN host?

  • Be part of something special – entrepreneurs, academics, creatives, innovators and beyond will come to work in your space on something significant
  • Welcome high-calibre guests with virtuous intentions – FLOWN members are there to concentrate, contemplate and collaborate 
  • Attract midweek & off-season bookings – FLOWN stays are work-focused so will predominantly book your lower occupancy periods
  • Expand beyond holiday-makers – diversify your revenues and reduce your reliance on leisure guests
  • Our charges are simple – there are no sign-up or monthly fees, we just ask for a 15% commission on each booking we send you

What is FLOWN Kit?

FLOWN Kit is the collection of items we ask our hosts to provide in order to create the perfect environment for desk work and/or team collaboration (depending on which booking type your property best lends itself to). For example:

  • For desk work, our members will need a desk, ergonomic seating, and ideally a computer monitor
  • For a team off-site, members will need a whiteboard and a display screen

Our members will be able to search on FLOWN for properties which have the FLOWN Kit they need, so the more Kit items you provide, the more often and prominently you will appear in search results.

We will work with you to identify which FLOWN Kit items you need to purchase in order to join the FLOWN collection and maximise your bookings. To help cover some of the cost, we’ll waive our commission on your first few bookings, depending on what you spend.

Is my property a FLOWN fit?

We are looking for spaces which will inspire our members to do their best work. 

Each FLOWN space will be:

  • in a beautiful setting – for example, on the coast, in the woods, or in a city’s historic quarter
  • optimised for at least one FLOWN trip purpose:
    • For desk work, the space must have a beautiful place to work from
    • For contemplation and learning, the space must have an area where our members can sit and ponder – for example, a charming library room, or a window seat overlooking a harbour
    • For team off-sites, the space must have areas set up for the team to both collaborate effectively and to relax
  • stylish and impeccably maintained

What are the next steps?

  1. Register your interest — we’ll be in touch for a chat within two weeks. For launch, we’re prioritising spaces in the UK and Portugal, but we’d still love to hear from you if your space is located somewhere else. 

  2. Have a call with us  — If we feel there’s a fit, we’ll organise a call to get to know you better.

  3. Get set up with FLOWN — We’ll work with you to set up your space on the FLOWN website, including a visit to your space to take professional photography and collect other details.

  4. Start taking bookings  — FLOWN will launch publicly in early 2021, at which point you’ll start to host your first guests.

If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact