Host FAQs

Here are all the details you need to know about becoming a FLOWN host. 

If we’ve missed anything, please feel welcome to send your questions to and we aim to reply within 24 hours.

Why join FLOWN?

  • Be part of something special – entrepreneurs, academics, creatives, innovators and beyond will come to work in your space on something significant
  • Welcome high-calibre guests with virtuous intentions – FLOWN members are there to concentrate, contemplate and collaborate
  • Attract midweek & off-season bookings – FLOWN stays are work-focused so will predominantly book your lower occupancy periods
  • Expand beyond holiday-makers – diversify your revenues and reduce your reliance on leisure guests
  • Our charges are simple – there are no sign-up or monthly fees, we just ask for a 15% commission on each booking we send you

What does a FLOWN host do?

As a FLOWN host, you’ll provide a space for our members to get away from their everyday environment; a space for them to be at their most inspired and productive while they work and think. FLOWN members will be coming to your space with at least one of these purposes:

  • Focused desk work
  • Contemplation & Learning
  • Team off-sites

As the host, you will set up your space so that FLOWN members can start fulfilling their trip purpose from the moment they arrive.

How do I become a flown host?

Once we’ve reviewed your application and we feel you could be a great fit for our members, here’s what will happen next.

  • Have a call with us
    Virtually meet a member of the FLOWN team to discuss our partnership in greater detail; how you can benefit from joining FLOWN, and what we ask for in return. This is the perfect chance to ask any questions you have that we haven’t covered here.
  • We’ll come and visit
    Each FLOWN property will be visited in person (government restrictions allowing, of course) to ensure every one is the perfect fit for our FLOWN portfolio. We will check things like wifi quality and water pressure as well as information gathering for your FLOWN profile on our site. We’ll also take some professional photographs of the areas our members will be most interested in, such as the desk space, collaboration and contemplation areas. We would ask that you are present for this visit, which should take no longer than 45 minutes.
  • Acceptance
    Within 5 working days of our visit we will confirm your application is successful, and invite you to join our FLOWN family by signing our terms & conditions.
  • Onboarding
    A member of our team will guide you through our data gathering and system training.
  • Accept your first bookings
    FLOWN will launch publicly in early 2021. This is when you can expect to take your first bookings, and welcome your first FLOWN guests shortly thereafter

What is FLOWN Kit?

FLOWN Kit is the collection of items we ask our hosts to provide in order to create the perfect environment for desk work and/or team collaboration (depending on which booking type your property best lends itself to). For example:

  • Focused desk work needs ergonomic seating, and ideally a computer monitor
  • Team off-sites require a whiteboard and display screen

The more FLOWN Kit you provide, the more often and prominently your property will appear in search results which will in turn attract more bookings.

We encourage our hosts to invest in as many items suitable for your space as is practical. Our team will discuss with you in more detail the FLOWN Kit we feel is essential for your space as we progress your application.

Is my property a FLOWN fit?

You are reading this because we feel your property has all the hallmarks of a FLOWNable space; somewhere special that will inspire our members to do their best work. Here’s what we look for in a FLOWN space:

  • in a beautiful setting – for example, on the coast, in the woods, or in a city’s historic quarter
  • stylish and impeccably maintained
  • optimised for at least one FLOWN trip purpose:
    • For desk work, the space must have a beautiful place to work from
    • For contemplation & learning, the space must have an area where our members can sit and ponder – for example, a charming library room, or a window-seat overlooking a harbour
    • For team off-sites, the space must have areas set up for the team to both collaborate effectively, and to relax

Who is behind FLOWN?

FLOWN is the new startup by serial entrepreneur, Alicia Navarro. After building and running leading content monetization platform Skimlinks for 11 years, it was recently acquired by Connexity, and now Alicia is working on her next big mission with FLOWN: to help human potential flourish by providing the spaces where we can do our best work while being our best selves.

Alicia is in good company, with her founding team & backers boasting experience from Mr & Mrs Smith, Onefinestay and Airbnb to name a few.

Given the profile of our team, we anticipate significant media attention when we launch in the new year. Our founding group of properties will particularly benefit from the exposure around our launch buzz.

What does it cost to join FLOWN?

There are no upfront costs or monthly fees. To keep our charges simple and fair we ask for a 15% commission on each booking we send you

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we ask that you sign an agreement which outlines what you can expect from us and vice versa. So that we don’t have to renew each year the term is perpetual, however there is a 30 day notice period if you don’t feel it’s working out.

How do I manage rates & availability?

  • Initially, you will tell us your rates and we’ll update the site. We’re looking to build a tool that will enable you to manage your rates and bookings.
  • We use iCal to synchronise availability with your PMS or with sites like AirBnB. We will make sure that nobody can double-book it for the same dates on our site, and vice versa.

Why do you ask for rate parity?

We ask that you always give us the same rates as you sell elsewhere – directly and through your other channels. To maximise your FLOWN booking potential, we must offer competitive rates to our members