Take a break
with Quests

To do your best work, sometimes you need to stop working. Take a break… step away, and create the space for creativity to flood in.

What are Quests?

Quests are a set of playful challenges
that help you refresh between focused work sessions.

Get Outside

Most Quests will get you away from your desk. Tap into the invigorating and creative power of being in nature.

Tune into New Sensations

Give your cerebral side a break. Quests will get you exploring your other senses and ways of experiencing the world.

Be Playful

Being silly or child-like during your breaks not only reduced stress but unleashes your imagination.

New Perspectives

Being challenged to do random serendipitous Quests leads to new ways of looking at the world and current challenges.

Examples of Quests


Birdsong Quest

As you walk through the woods, tune into the sounds of birdsong. Count the number of different birds you hear singing…


Bench Quest

Sit on each “In loving memory of…” bench you pass, and imagine the love that was felt towards the person named on this bench…


Drumstick Quest

Find something that works as a drumstick. Listen to this song. Use your drumsticks at the appropriate time. You’ll know when it’s time.

“Don’t take breaks from distraction.
instead take breaks from focus.”

― Cal Newport, Deep Work:
Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Bring a little adventure into your day

All those new neural pathways created in your brain when you do something new
 lead to greater creative and problem-solving powers. See for yourself!

Select how long your break is, and where you can take your break…

We’ll assign you a random Quest for you to accept and endeavour.

Go forth and achieve your Quest, however playful it may be.

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