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Socialise, strategise, strengthen – in the age of WFH, make getting together your remote team’s secret weapon

Deep work and deep collaboration

In the past year, many companies have ditched HQ and embraced WFH. And while greater flexibility, trust, and a non-existent commute are the sweet end of that deal for knowledge workers, what have we lost as a result? Collaboration, culture, and innovation are all much more difficult to foster over video chat. And while deep work is often characterised as a solitary practise, great things can be achieved if you can find a space to go deep together…
Connect better
According to a Harvard Business Review study on burnout, the pandemic has seen a rise on people reporting difficulty maintaining strong connections with others.
Video fatigue
Research shows that work relationships conducted over video are tiring – you can’t gauge body language cues as effectively as you can IRL.
Group work
A meetup in a new setting triggers a host of neurological benefits – taking in new experiences boosts creativity and helps you see problems from new perspectives.
“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.”
Sundar Pichai, CEO Google

Teams that away-day well

App integration provider Zapier is remote-first, but cofounder Wade Foster says meet-ups help to nurture culture. “Things like playing board games together and hiking as a group have helped us learn more about each other and our families – it’s knowledge we wouldn't have gained in a normal week,” he says.
Automattic, the company behind WordPress, gets its people together once a year for a “Grand Meetup”. Team meet-ups also take place throughout the year. Workers report that the Grand Meetup makes them feel more connected to the company, and gives them the opportunity to talk to any ‘Automattician’ they happen to run into.
Dropbox is virtual-first, but CEO Drew Houston says events play a big part in fostering collaborative, positive culture. Dropbox stages an annual ‘Hack Week’, where employees gather to spend time outside of their usual workspaces and explore. The goal is to “create, think bigger, and challenge perceptions”.

Making use of FLOWN as a team

Get away and team up
Book a FLOWN space for your off-site – they're hand-curated with inspiration in mind.
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Do deep work as a remote team
With Flocks – our virtual accountability groups – you can provide your team with a shortcut to productivity and greater connection with other workers.
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Teach the team how to work deeply
Become a deep work expert with the FLOWN Academy, our bite-sized lessons on creativity and flow.
Make space for your team to play
Pick a creative Quest and set your team the task of play – they'll return to their desks refreshed and bursting with new perspectives.
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Essential team reading
Forget social media and doomscrolling – share mentally stimulating ideas with your team via the FLOWN Almanac.

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