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Give your ideas room to breathe

Get out of the shallows of your day-to-day work, and give yourself the gift of space. Space in the world, and space in your mind. Thrash out and stress-test the big ideas you're kicking around. Why? Because you need space to properly bring your ideas to life.

Develop your big idea with FLOWN

Whatever your idea, there are principles you can adopt to make sure it flies. FLOWN puts the tools in your hands to adopt those principles. The term ‘deep work’ was coined by computer science professor Cal Newport to describe mental exertion that results in your best work and your most satisfied self. It’s a skill you can cultivate – and to develop your idea, you’ll need to go deep. Who knows where your thinking will take you?
Get more breakthroughs
‘Ah-ha!’ moments aren’t random bolts from nowhere. They’re the culmination of a series of brain states. Focused attention plus downtime allows your subconscious to help with the work.
Hack the brain
Studies have shown that multitasking reduces your critical thinking function (not to mention increases stress). if you can focus on your idea, great things will happen to it.
Flow states
Mihály Csikszentmihályi’s research on flow found that doing work you find intrinsically interesting will unleash your best. It’ll also release brain chemicals that make you feel sensational.
"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple, learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen."
John Steinbeck

How big ideas came to be

Bill Gates is no stranger to making space for ideas. His twice-a-year 'Think Weeks', where he retreats to a cabin somewhere in woodland in the Pacific Northwest, have seeded some of Microsoft’s most world-changing innovations. In 1995, he emerged from his cabin with ‘The Internet Tidal Wave’ – a strategy for Microsoft harnessing the internet’s potential.
In the early 20th Century, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was busy changing the way the world thinks about psychology. Retreat was central to the success of his ideas. He built a two-story hideaway in the Swiss countryside, and escaped his hectic schedule in Zurich to focus on the development of the school of thought we now call ‘analytical psychology’.
Ideas are cultivated through ritual. While developing the ideas for The Origin Of Species, Charles Darwin had a strict workday ritual that involved early morning walks, several intense hours alone in his study, and time set aside to catch up on his mail. He’d then take a lengthy walk to mull over challenging ideas, and clock off early.

Making use of FLOWN to develop an idea

Retreat to your own space to thrash out ideas
Go away for a few days to dive deeply into your big idea. Give it the space and focus you need to develop and plan. Our collection of properties will inspire you as you contemplate and work.
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Don't let your big idea down
Join a daily Flock session – our virtual accountability groups – to keep you focused on your big idea, and your momentum up.
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Learn how to become more creative
Become an ideation machine with the FLOWN Academy, our bite-sized lessons on creativity and flow.
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Create more neural pathways in your brain
Take a FLOWN Quest – a randomly assigned creative challenge – designed to help you see problems from new perspectives.
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Stoke your imagination
Indulge in mentally enriching ideas in the FLOWN Almanac – see where your curiosity takes you...
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Let FLOWN help you with that big idea!

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FLOWN HERE is a suite of tools to help you with focus, accountability, and creativity.


Join one of our facilitated deep work sessions, and get more done - in the company of our community - than you can imagine. Learn more


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Delve into our wealth of instructional and inspirational content, including the FLOWN Academy and FLOWN Almanac.
FLOWN AWAY is a curated collection of local and remote homes and hotels that you and your team can use when you need to get away to work.


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  • Ideal workspace including monitor and lumbar-supported chair
  • Inspirational aspect and proximity to nature
  • Equipment to support team off-sites
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