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Boost your productivity with deep work

Focus one task at a time

Try a deep work session

Many of us get caught in “shallow work” cycles – multitasking, bouncing between online and offline distractions, endless meetings. We're left feeling that what we need to do just hasn’t been achieved.

Deep work can help.

It is work performed in a state of focused concentration – the state you need to be in to do significant, meaningful work. Flocks are virtual deep work sessions, where people come together to focus on tasks.

Run on Zoom by trained facilitators, Flocks are a fun and empowering way to achieve focus.

Join our daily Flocks and
give deep work a try!

8:30am, Mon-Fri
A 20-minute morning ritual to journal and share your intentions for the day.
FLOWN’s morning Take-Off is a simple 20-minute session that sets you up for a focused and fulfilling day ahead. Begin with a short meditation, take some time to journal, and state your intentions for the day with a small group of fellow Flockers. That’s three healthy rituals in one 20-minute meetup. You’ll need a pen and notepad.
Deep Dive
8:00am, 10:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm, Mon-Fri
A 2-hour silent deep work session to work on anything that requires focus.
Get deep into your work with a Deep Dive – a unique two-hour session that helps you get into a focused and productive state. State your goals to a small group of fellow Flockers, then settle into two 50-minute deep working flights (with a quirky break in the middle). It’s a surefire way to get some meaningful work done.
Power Hour
1:00pm, Mon-Fri
A sprint of work – focus for an hour to get key tasks over the line.
The Power Hour is your chance to focus in a short burst. State your goals in the room chat, block out distractions, and get to work. These unique one-hour sessions are designed to get you into a 'flow' mindset, and settle into a short burst of productivity. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a Power Hour…
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Helping our members work deeper

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"The key to developing a deep work habit is to move beyond good intentions and add routines and rituals to your working life designed to minimize the amount of your limited willpower necessary to transition into and maintain a state of unbroken concentration."

Cal Newport, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

How Flocks work

1. Pick your sessions

Choose the sessions and dates you'd like to attend, and we'll send you calendar invites so your deep work time is blocked out. No pesky meetings eat into your work day.

2. Join the Flock

Using the Zoom link in your calendar invite to join a Flock. One click and you'll be part of a session with other like-minded professionals and our vibrant Flocks facilitators.

3. State your goals

At the start, briefly state what you'll work on in the session, to a small group of fellow ‘Flockers’. Then it's time to focus and work, in the silent presence of your Flock. 

4. Keep your camera on

You’ll be amazed at the effect seeing other people work has on your own productivity. The positive presence can make you perform better and helps you focus.

5. Take a break

Deep focus requires a lot of mental energy, so halfway through - your facilitator will lead a short, fun interlude. This will give your brain and body the right kind of invigoration. 

6. Share your achievements

At the end of the Flock share how much of your session goals you got done. Knowing you have to do this is a great incentive to stay focused throughout.

Ditch multitasking

Multitasking is a myth. Each extra task or ‘context’ you switch between eats up 20–80% of your productivity. Commit to doing one task at a time instead.

Hit your goals

Blocking time each day to do deep work and removing distractions makes you much more likely to get important and meaningful work done!

Human connection

By joining a Flock, you’ll have a virtual community to work-alongside. You’ll also discover many other professionals who share your challenges.

Flocks FAQs

I’m so busy, how am I meant to take two hours off?!

  • That’s sort of the point. If you don't have time to join Flocks, it means you probably aren't getting time to do your actual work. Flocks aren’t about taking time off – they’re about making time to do the work that’s going to make the biggest difference. We recommend booking sessions in a week or more ahead of time, so your precious deep work time is locked in, and your day isn't eaten up with meetings, calls and emails. In the end, you'll get more done this way.

I don’t want to be on camera with people I don’t know…

  • You don’t have to be if you really don’t want to… but if everybody turned their cameras off it wouldn’t work so well. Actually seeing your accountability group makes a massive difference – it triggers motivation, and puts you under a positive kind of pressure to succeed.

My house/flat/study is a mess! How can I be on Zoom with strangers?

  • We can relate. But we don’t care, and nor do your fellow Flockers! The pandemic means that everybody is used to people working in messy kitchens or with dogs, kids, and flatmates poking their noses into their meetings. Flocks improve your focus and productivity. Zone out your environment and do some deep work!

I don’t want to present my workplan to people I don’t know! 

  • Your fellow Flockers are NOT your boss. Flocks are about supportive accountability – so you don’t need a sophisticated presentation in your intentions. On Deep Dive sessions, just talk for a minute about what you intend to get done. The very act of sharing it is scientifically proven to improve your chances of actually doing it. Oh, and we don't do breakout rooms in Power Hour Flocks, so why not try one of those out first?

Ready to take a step to greater productivity?

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