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The FLOWN Philosophy

'Deep work' is about more than just work


What is 'deep work'?

Based on the research in Cal Newport's book 'Deep Work', deep work is work performed in a state of focused concentration, and the state you need to be in to do significant, creative work.

FLOWN's philosophy is that 'deep work' is not just about focused work, but also about taking restful or playful breaks, to boost your creativity and brain capacity.

At FLOWN, we believe deep work is a practise and lifestyle that leads to a richer, more fulfilled life.

Deep work ingredients

These are the key ingredients of a deep work practise, all of which we deliver with our platform:

Focused bouts of distraction-free work

Interspersed with play, learning and exploration

Connecting with nature

Grand gesture of getting away from the day-to-day

Rituals of accountability

Access to diverse people and ideas

Ergonomic workspace setup

Exercise for body and mind

To achieve deep work, all these ingredients need to be included into your work and life.
And for companies and organisations, it needs to be embedded into your culture.

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